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Extension Text Task Assignment

Another feature that may be included in this is an option to allow a "Text" message to just come from the main number, so clients don't become confused by all the various phone numbers associated with our office. Please add this feature for texts, so it matches the main phone # associated with our business, to come from one source number to keep client confidence by not having to text from a bunch of different numbers creating confusion, and distrust by reaching out from all these different numbers with each different extension. Privacy and security are a big concern for clients, and only one number to text from would be a valuable tool when we all get attacked constantly by various Phishing and data mining fraud places trying to get to our information. With this, can we also add a button in the Softphone to "Assign a Task" to one user, that would by default to the General Office number in the beginning of a text thread, but have the ability to "reassign" that thread to another extension until the completion of that task, and allow that to go back to the default General Office number after completed. Then also if a internal extension starts a conversation with a client, it will use the initial thread starting with the General Office number, so the client is very aware that it is a valid text that is coming from us, but is internally assigned to the internal extension that initiated the conversation to keep that thread "assigned" to the employee taking care of the client. Then that client's info will stay in the default General Office #, so if they come into the system as a new thread, a different person could then assist them on a different matter if needed, but we could have the option at least.

Thanks for the ability to ask for new options. I appreciate that.

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  • Jan 11 2021
  • New
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