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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 13, 2021

Merge SMS / Text and RC Messaging into a single tab

Some folks communicate with me over SMS, especially those who don't work at my agency. Some folks communicate over RC Messaging. On the Windows, Web and Mobile app, I'm constantly losing messages or toggling between the phone tab (to get SMS messages) and the message tab (to get RC Messages).

These are all messages. They should be in a single pane of glass. Requiring multiple clicks / taps to toggle between them is annoying and discourages me from using either.

Additionally, putting SMS messaging under the same tab as the phone icon feels a little like an 'old' way of looking at a phone. My phone is a communication and computing device, which is often used to communicate via email / text / IM, and rarely used to make voice calls. Bundling SMS under the least used feature of my mobile device is counterintuitive.

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