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Status Implemented
Created by Alyssa Lester
Created on Jun 26, 2023
Merged idea

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Stop changing layout and/or allow more customization again Merged

There were recent updates to the layout. There's a button to toggle the new layout on/off. It was allowing the side panel to stay slid over and shrunken down but that no longer occurs when the new layout is off. It doesn't matter if this is in minimum or maximum screen size. I have sensory issues so seeing numerous changes in a design throws me for a loop especially when I have been able to customize (shrink) the portion where the team and direct messages are until this morning. There is too much wasted space and when I do have it minimized, names get cut off. The screen has to stay minimized because I have to work with too many other open items to keep it at max.

  • Chris Rosa
    Jun 28, 2023

    This! It used to be that if you had the new layout toggled off, it was still adjustable, but as of recently, it's not adjustable regardless of the switch position.

    It bothered me so much, I put together this graphic. 😂