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Status Under review
Created by Danielle Howes
Created on Jan 13, 2021

toggle switch for queue hours

We currently use a bypass rule for when we are closed for a holiday so that we can have a "closed for the holiday" message. In addition to adding the dates/times in the bypass rule for the holiday I also have to go into each queue we have (6 of them) and change the hours to correspond with the bypass rule.

If I don't then someone calling in will hear that we are closed but then when selecting from the options menu for a department, it will ring and ring if I don't set the hours of each queue to mimic that of the bypass rule so the call can go straight to VM.

It would be awesome to have the option of a toggle switch in the bypass rule that copied the hours of the bypass rule to all of the queues and automatically switch back to what the hours were before the date/time that is set in the bypass rule. Something that would require less user interaction and test my memory skills in remembering to set the times back to normal hours.

Product Line RingCentral Admin Portal
  • Travis McCarthy
    Jan 29, 2021

    Completely agree! My call center has over 80 queues and it was extremely time consuming to set holiday greetings for each of our queues during Christmas & New Year's (thankfully those are the only days we are closed). There should also be an easy way to just "close" the call center on-demand in the event of an emergency (fire drill, natural disaster, etc.)


Toggle Switch to Open/Close Call Center

Adding the ability to simply "turn the call center off" in the event of an emergency (i.e. fire drill, evacuation of premises, etc.) would be extremely beneficial. In the current state, should anything happen, I would assume changing the hours of ...
Travis McCarthy 12 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review