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Status Planned
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 14, 2021
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit ENTCOM-I-83 Hold Music: Allow multiple audio files for hold music, played at random..

Globally Change hold music for all users Merged

also connecting music.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Alexander Wade
    Jan 15, 2021

    You should be able to do this using templates and making the hold music the ONLY items that overrides the users existing settings


Update hold music company-wide

We are a growing business and would like to be able to update hold music company wide. It takes us about 20 minutes to update the hold music for each individual line. We would love a feature that allows us to update everyone's music simultaneously.
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Planned