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Status Under review
Created by Iam Kristoff Coloma
Created on Jul 6, 2023

More detailed and accurate performance reports

There discrepancy between performance reports queue and users queue

There are some that is matching on for the answered calls and the total calls if we add the number of transfer but there are some that the number of the answered calls versus the number on the total calls under the user on the same queue is less.

If we have a visibility to see the reason of the answered calls vs the total calls on the call queue user tab on analytics it will be beneficial for the customers that is managing the calls that is going to the queue and the user

  • Admin
    George Lu
    Jul 6, 2023

    Hi Iam,

    There is discrepancy due to the way the perspectives on calls differ from a queue vs users. The queue tab breaks down data from a queue perspective, while the users tab breaks down data from a user perspective, this can lead to slight variations in the data.

    We highly recommend you to utilize the LOB Application instead of Performance reports as it will provide more detail and accurarcy in regards to the calls that come in to the queue and their results.


    George Lu