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Status Under review
Created by Brett McVay
Created on Jan 15, 2021

Add Additional Filters to Analytics Performance Reports


  • Extension 999707 "Florida Forward" is set as Key-Press option #1 at two sites:

  • 103-Austin

  • 104-Dallas

We need to be able to see how many times key-press 1 (ext 999707) is hit from EACH site. When looking at the performance report in analytics for the 999707 extension, we can see the calls to the extension that originate from both sites, however, we cannot filter the data based on the site in which the call originated.

Currently, the only way to gather this data is to expand each call and manually record the originating site....


Add a filter that allows for the filtering of calls based on Originating site.

NOTE: We could obviously build a virtual extension at each site and check the analytics for each and every one for those virtual extensions, but that is not an elegant solution for 100+ sites. A filter for a single extension makes much more sense.

Product Line RingCentral Analytics