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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 15, 2021

See entire class while sharing screen!

When you are sharing your screen with a classroom of students as a host, the gallery view of your students turns into a strip of about 4-5 only. There is no way to see the rest of the class until you stop sharing. In a classroom setting, this prohibits a teacher from having a discussion, as they can only see a few of their students while presenting material. It would be great (especially with dual monitors) to be able to maximize the entire gallery view with all participants on one screen and have the shared material on a second screen.

Product Line RingCentral Video & Meetings
  • Shari McCauley
    Dec 23, 2021

    I thought I was just missing something. This is SUPER frustrating. As an instructor this is key to managing a live webinar.

  • Cheryl Karamihas
    Jan 27, 2021

    I would like this as well. There are times where I'm not able to select gallery view, and I don't understand why it would ever be limited. It's annoying to have dual monitors and only be able to see a tiny image of the people you are talking with.


Large camera view during shared screen

I am a lecturer using ringcentral to deliver webinar training. I use 2 screens. However, when I share presentation, my camera view goes very small. I would like to keep the full screen camera view of all my delegates on 1 screen while my presentat...
Guest over 3 years ago in RingCentral Meetings & Webinar 0 Future consideration

More than 16 people in gallery view

Our CEO hosts very large video meetings and needs to be able to see more than 16 people at one time in gallery view. This would benefit anyone who hosts large meetings, which I would think is a high number of people.
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Video 0 Future consideration