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Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit DPW-I-5 Adjust how missed calls are categorized for group calls.

Call Queues Missed Calls Merged

I have several Call Queues setup where everybody's phone rings simultaneously. The confusion happens someone like Joe Smith from the group picks up the call, everyone else will see Missed Call. The proper notification should say, Call picked up by Joe Smith. The problem is amplified when the group receives 50 calls a day.

  • Ramon Alvarado
  • Jan 15 2021
Product Line RingCentral Analytics
  • Bobby Lunceford commented
    18 Feb 02:09pm

    It is confusing how to even vote on case you are wondering you have to press the grey box with the number in it above that says "VOTE".

  • Bobby Lunceford commented
    18 Feb 02:07pm

    Yes, incredible this wasn't already considered. On day 3 here, thought we were getting a fully-fledged product but between this and the complete lack of company wide contact directory I'm having serious doubts...we even paid the $2,900.00 remote professional services. If they can't make this work for my 50 extensions then I don't understand how larger companies are dealing with this?

  • Guest commented
    9 Feb 04:20pm

    This is a huge concern - we are only on RingCentral day 2 and very upset about this. What is the work around in the meantime? If this isn't addressed soon we will be going back to Grasshopper until it is. Please provide an update on timeline.

  • Venjo Baluyot commented
    5 Feb 03:28pm

    We are experiencing the same issue here. This should be resolved as soon as possible, it's very hard for members to identify which are the legitimate missed calls.

  • Austin Pudliner commented
    22 Jan 04:05pm

    Yes, this would help a ton. Thank you.

  • Diane Smith commented
    22 Jan 04:01pm

    oh, please add this as an enhancement, it drives us crazy when we have a shared call queue

  • Steve Bender commented
    22 Jan 03:51pm

    This is a problem for us. We end up calling people multiple times.

  • Todd Oswalt commented
    22 Jan 03:42pm

    Yes, This is much needed.

  • Matt Hoffman commented
    22 Jan 03:36pm

    Yes please, This drives us crazy!