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Status Under review
Created by I Moylan
Created on Jan 15, 2021

Allow forwarding of reserved non-emergency numbers (I.e. 311) to local authority

It would be useful if we were allowed to forward non-emergency informational numbers, like 211 and 311, to their respective 10 digit alternates for our area. Currently these are reserved extensions in the same way 911 is, we get the error as detailed here when trying to configure this: - I'd also checked with RC support who confirmed it is not possible to connect them up in this way.

Currently if 211 or 311 is dialed from our account, it returns an "Invalid extension" response. It would be helpful if we could quick-dial these numbers, in my locality they are a great resource for a lot of non-emergency public information.

Thanks for considering this idea!

Product Line RingCentral Admin Portal
  • Alex Janes
    Feb 16, 2022

    It would be great if our office phones connected to city services offered by 311. I don't know how easily the implementation would be with all of these local services. However, I do think it could just be based on the 911 address configured for the extension.

  • Ivan Cohen
    Aug 30, 2021

    We have a client with retail locations across multiple municipalities on one system instance. They too need the ability to dial 311 to access municipal services, unique to their own location.

    Similar to 911 where the system "knows" where the caller is and routes the call automatically, it would be most beneficial to have 311 follow a similar path.

    It's not the first request, and certainly, there will be more.

    Thanks for your consideration!