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Status New
Created by Fatima Flores
Created on Jul 21, 2023

Ability to Dial 933 on the Mobile App

Dialing 933 from the mobile app is not an expected use case. When a user dials 911 from the mobile app, we give that call to the device's native dialer, to route the call over the device's cellular carrier. The E911 center then is provided location data by the cellular provider. RingCentral is out of the call flow at that point, and nothing 911 is routed over our network.

However, we do not anticipate users dialing 933 from our mobile app to test 911 routing, so we do not have any special routing or messaging built into the app for this. Therefore, we route the 933 call over our network incorrectly, and cannot provide location data from the mobile app to the 933 endpoint.