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Status Under review
Created by Kevin Seymour
Created on Jan 19, 2021

Make Text Highlighting Actually "Work"

In the new RingCentral desktop app, when RC identifies a number as a phone number (mostly incorrectly), it's very difficult to actually click-and-drag style highlight that number to copy and paste (I think because of the call, text pop-up that happens). It's impossible to select only a part of the number for the same reason. Double clicking works to select the whole thing, but this deviation from standard UI practices (and from the Classic version app behavior) is jarring.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Kevin Seymour
    Feb 26, 2021

    I will add that this is further frustrated when you have a multi-line message that contains numbers on each line: the pop-up covers the line above it and it's very hard to actually copy and paste the text.