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Status Under review
Created by Janelle Chard
Created on Jan 19, 2021

Release Notifications ahead of schedule

When updates/ new releases are scheduled send customers an email notification with changes to expected ahead of implementation.

Product Line RingCentral Video & Meetings
  • Craig Rhinehart
    Jan 21, 2022

    We use the Avaya/Ring Central system. ACO is Avaya Cloud Office, which I think is basically a branded Ring Central system.

    I agree with this suggestion. We are completing our implementation right now, and I have asked repeatedly "When should we expect updates to our ACO app?" and and "How will we be notified about updates to the ACO app?" far everyone basically tells me "we don't know."

    So it seems that nobody knows when updates are to be released, on which schedule, and we aren't notified when the updates are released (or before they are released). I know there was a release in the past 45 or so days, and I heard nothing about it ever... I just noticed a few items on the left-side menu were rearranged -- just after I had sent out screen shot instructions to our end users!

    This really is a problem. As a system admin, we need to know when things change so that we can notify our end users about any changes that will impact them. Our end users EXPECT us to know, but we're currently in the dark.

    Other software vendors provide release notes ahead of an upcoming update. This is what I request. Also, is there a typical schedule for updates? Monthly? Quarterly?