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Status New
Created by Holger Haase
Created on Jul 31, 2023

different export file formats for the same report gives different data - what shouldn't be

If we download a performance report in Excel format there is the Session ID in first column but as we have a huge amount of call data (i.E. for month or quarter), the CSV format is the only way we can handle that. But here is where things got worse: if downloading the same report as CSV, the session-ID is missing. It would be very nice if the same report gives the same data regardles which file format you choose. This is a bit annoying. There was also a Case open to this with the reaction: "Thank you for your understanding whilst I have caught up with the team. It has been confirmed this is by design. It's been recommended that we use to put the suggestion forward to download in the different formats for the same report. " So here we go....