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Status Under review
Created by Joe Cache - 1601
Created on Jan 20, 2021

On Admin side, status icons for both User and Phone on 'Users with Extensions'.

While setting up, and troubleshooting user and phone issues, we're finding that the status icons are a tad misleading. While a User status may show green, you have to go into their account, click down to Phones, over to Phones, etc. to then see if the associated phone is active.

There is more than enough 'real estate' on the Users with Extensions screen to add an additional status icon - one that shows the state of the phone extension.

The hover over text could then read, 'User Enabled' - 'Phone Enabled' - 'ATA Enabled' etc. depending on the unit assigned.

This would allow Admins to then drill down quick on their user list and see if the issue is registration related, as well as which users are not yet assigned to their phones, etc. - less clicks, less mess, less stress.


Product Line RingCentral App