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Status New
Created by Bryan Edman
Created on Aug 10, 2023

Count actual phone numbers dialed instead of Salesforce logged calls.

I used to love the old ring analytics, they used to show me calls per hour and total dialed numbers. Now it's showing me how many logged calls I've made. To keep salesforce not a giant mess we dial as many as 10 numbers before we log the call. Otherwise we'd be filling up salesforce activity with a million calls to bad numbers. I just want the RAW number of phone numbers I've actually dialed. And a dialed per hour. This shouldn't be hard AT ALL and I don't know how you guys' managed to build an entirely new analytics dashboard thing and not include raw dialed numbers as something people would want to count. NO I WILL NEVER LOG EACH INDIVIDUAL DIALED NUMBER AS A CALL IN SALESFORCE. That's a waste of time and stupid.