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Adjust how missed calls are categorized for group calls

Currently if a group is set to ring all members at once and someone else answers it will show as a missed call for everyone else who didn't answer. It would be nice if the system knew the call had been answered and didn't show as a missed call.

  • Zoe Ratchford
  • Aug 21 2020
Product Line RingCentral Analytics
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  • Rachael Parkins commented
    24 Nov 05:02pm

    Is there still no update on this?

    I am tired of using Ring Groups for our users that want simultaneous ringing without the annoying missed calls, as using Ring Groups has presented other issues.

  • melanie newell commented
    11 Oct 07:39pm

    Still nothing being done on this? We're now spending upward of an hour checking in with each other to see if another rep has answered a call showing as "missed." This is absolutely absurd.

  • Paul Lock commented
    11 Oct 04:08pm

    This makes the call logs on each extensions phone barely usable as its swamped with all the missed group calls.

  • Matt Hoffman commented
    4 Oct 07:05pm

    Just checking on any updates. This issue is really something I would love to see fixed soon. Its causing some of my users to lose confidence in the application.

  • melanie newell commented
    14 Sep 08:53pm

    With so many submissions and votes on this idea, you'd think they might get on this. They've developed a dark mode of the app though. This seriously affects our workflow so badly that I'm going to start looking at other options - I can't deal with my other team members asking if I picked up a call while I'm trying to talk to a customer.

  • cara moore commented
    14 Sep 01:31pm

    complaints everyday from customers wanting the missed call turned off. the call is answered and confusion trying to determine if they have a voicemail with the light on constantly...HELP

  • Guest commented
    23 Aug 06:05pm

    Would be nice to be able to either not show a missed call from a group or show it as answered by : user on the phones. this is causing a lot of confusion for call queue members as they just see a missed call. Users are calling people back who have already talked to someone.

  • Darren Wilson commented
    9 Aug 02:16pm

    Hi, this is a well needed and simple feature to add, it is affecting our current users and from experience I now fill affect new users as well.

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley commented
    12 Jul 08:01pm

    Paul, Thanks for sharing this feedback. We are always working alongside the product team to identify ideas that will work with the current roadmap.
    I assure you, we are triaging and escalating ideas to our product team. When we have updates we share them here and in the Community.
    As I mentioned, we'll escalate your concerns with your account manager, but if we can assist further, please shoot us a message at

  • Paul D commented
    9 Jul 06:22pm

    This is a major issue. We are less than 2 months in to RC and this is a nightmare for our front line reception team. I cannot believe this has been completely ignored when the subject as I see it, has been getting raised and posted about for many, many months. I get the impression that once signed up, RC just doesn't care what you report as a problem. They ignore you. The ticket system isn't used by their own agents to follow up / post updates. I am regretting giving them our business, which was the largest tech move we have ever made for a single system.

    So Ring Central staff - any comment at all, in any way, that you are listening, and going to resolve this? Or do you prefer we just leave and take our next year's contract somewhere else?

  • Richard Scott commented
    16 Jun 02:35pm

    Always have to explain the quirk when onboarding agents, only work around is to email missed call notification via email to a shared mailbox and move the email to another folder if you're handling the missed call.

    ignore all other missed calls in the queue that state they are queue related.

    But still to return any direct missed calls..

    a simple solution is needed.

    even if its a HUD like screen with the call log results showing who answered which calls or not, or overflowed etc etc..

  • Olivier Redon commented
    3 Jun 06:01pm

    As it stands, this feature is not viable. It frustrates our agents who spend hours figuring out who might have picked up a "missed" call, as well as management who doesn't enjoy this type of negative feedback. Furthermore, this puts the selection of RC as a vendor in question.

    We had to go back to simultaneous ringing and let our agents pick a call based on the last digits of the number... (small team, their workflow choice, rather than dealing with the missed call nightmare) - not exactly the best outcome for our callers.

    Here are some implementation ideas:

    • As an admin, I want a call to be marked as "Answered" when the extension did not pick up a call but another did downstream the queue, so I know this extension missed a the call and that the call was answered

    • As an admin, I want a call that wasn't accepted in the queue and didn't leave a voicemail to be marked as "Missed", so that I knows that this caller may need a follow-up

    • As an admin, I want a follow-up call log displaying which missed calls were not returned over the last 3 to 5 business days so there is a convenient way to identify such calls (lookup of the number over the past 3-5 days)

      Bonus options ("missed" moved from queue to extension):

    • As an admin, I want a call that wasn't accepted in the queue and didn't leave a voicemail to be marked as "Missed" for the point of entry extension only, so that extension only knows that this caller may need a follow-up .

  • John Oliphant commented
    19 May 03:11pm

    The entire missed call in a queue is messy and hard to explain to our users.

    Related to this is the opposite situation. We have a department with two agents and a queue. When agent1 is on a call she obvs isn't presented with any second call. That's good. But if agent2 doesn't pick up the call because she's on a bio break or whatever...then agent1 never sees a missed call (because it was never presented to her).
    Note that we have plenty of callers who don't want to leave messages due to the nature of that department's business.
    I've enabled email notifications for this queue, but that's clunky. And the Accept call queue calls switch is too tedious for every time someone walks to the coffeemaker.

  • Steve Low commented
    27 Apr 01:22am

    This issue needs to be fixed immediately.

  • Eddie Stevens commented
    22 Apr 09:03am

    This is particularly annoying for us as every missed call email automatically generates a ticket in our Help Desk. So every call that gets answered generates a ticket and then another ticket showing a missed call for every Support Team member that was signed in at the time of the call. Please fix this!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    19 Apr 06:29pm

    Hello, you can add your vote by clicking the vote square on the left side of the idea.

  • milan tewani commented
    19 Apr 05:49pm

    How are we meant to vote! This is an important feature that should be out of the box not a request.

    How have you customers dealt with or accepted this limitation. We have only been using ringcentral for 3 months and its causing all kinds of issues. We use to be on grasshopper and even their base package has this ability.

  • Brendan Richman commented
    19 Mar 09:34am

    Crucial to us operating a small customer service team. Unfortunately will be a deal breaker as we've not yet decided to completely jump ship.

  • Jill McGowan commented
    23 Feb 09:26pm

    This is unacceptable. I keep being told there is no way to escalate this issue. RC is a huge company and I can't imagine large companies not being able to see who answered call group. Showing a missed call when it has been answered impedes my ability to run my company effectively. This needs to change. I need to be able to see what extension answered the phone. Not a missed call.

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley commented
    12 Feb 06:19pm

    Christine, Apologies for any confusion.
    The status of this idea was changed by accident.
    We're still working with the Analytics team to identify the correct status. Appreciate your understanding.

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