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Option to Change Profile Picture on RingCentral Meetings

  • Guest
  • Sep 11 2020
  • Under review
A high level description of the product or feature being requested Ability to change the displayed profile picture on RingCentral Meetings
A typical use case scenario It helps the account owner easily manage profile picture showing on RingCentral Meetings
Benefit of such feature This can help the account owner upload presentable or appropriate profile picture during RingCentral Meetings.
Product Line RingCentral Meetings
  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2021 03:35pm

    PLEASE add an update that will allow us to REMOVE our profile picture... why this hasn't already be done is a complete mystery to me.

  • Paul Chandler commented
    16 Mar, 2021 11:12pm

    Lame that you can't go back to "no picture"

  • Edin Music commented
    28 Jan, 2021 05:01pm

    Hello Jessica Hernandez - that article does nothing to address the issue of simply deleting or removing a profile picture. There is literally NO option to remove an uploaded profile picture on the RingCentral Windows app, iOS nor Android app - the only thing you can do is add a new one and some users are simply trying to remove it and leave the default initials there like you see in individuals that never uploaded a profile picture.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    28 Jan, 2021 04:36pm

    Please refer to this article for instructions on how to upload a profile picture for meetings:

  • Edin Music commented
    6 Jan, 2021 07:08pm

    I've noticed that on the Windows 10, RingCentral Desktop Application you can change your profile picture by clicking the current one (or your initials) on the top right and clicking the 'View Profile' link. Then you can click on the picture or initials (you'll notice an edit pencil symbol) and it will allow you to upload a new picture from your files. However, there is literally no option to remove the picture and leave the default initials with the color background, which is a problem.

    I tried to remove the profile picture on the RingCentral app for iOS, and the only options you get are: "View profile picture"; "Take new profile picture" and "Select profile picture" - again, no Remove option at all.

  • Christa Dunn commented
    17 Nov, 2020 07:53pm

    This seems like a very generic and basic feature that should have been implemented from the beginning.

  • Guest commented
    30 Sep, 2020 05:30pm

    seriously, we have to ask for this feature. With so many working from home and usinf RC for professional reasons, wouldn't someone think its important for users to change their profile picture??? I have read a ton of comments where people were struggling to change profile pics they did not want used as their professional image and they can find no way to change it for their meetings - or even remove it. Not sure where the priorities are, but basic usability features should get more weight than say...dark mode etc.