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Status Under review
Created by Laura Gill
Created on Sep 17, 2020

SMS texts to go to different users based on custom routing schedule

Hi right now the phone calls are set to go to my assistant Melissa 5 days a week. But on her days off, they go to my other assistant Tania. This is set up through a custom routing schedule. WE NEED THE SAME CAPABILITY FOR TEXT MESSAGES TO BE AUTOMATICALLY DIRECTED TO THE PERSON ASSIGNED TO ANSWERING THE PHONE. I am a realtor and most of our business is done through text. Thanks

Benefit of such feature Right now text messages are not getting to the right person on the right days, and it is affecting our ability to get back to clients in a timely fashion.
Product Line RingCentral App
  • Shari Hayner
    Aug 16, 2022

    We are struggling we have 4 main numbers to our building each of the main numbers routes to a team based on the callers need. Ring only allows for all sms texts to go to one company number which leaves one person in the entire company to decifer whom should get the sms. To make it worse many texts back and forth with caller to see what the needs are before searching out whom should recieve it. Why are we unable to have our sms route the same as our phone calls do thru the auto receptionist?