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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 30, 2020

Ability to add a contact's extension number to the phone number when inputting a contact on the web version

When inputting a contact through there is no option to add the person's extension without getting an error message. The only way to do this is to open the app on the phone where it will accept the extension by adding * and the number...but not on the web version.

Benefit of such feature input the full phone number WITH extension
Product Line RingCentral App
  • Andrew Hollis
    Feb 11, 2021

    Please add ability to save contact numbers with the standard 'comma pause' syntax (this is used to auto dial extensions):
    For example the following syntax dials extension 100 automatically:
    RingCentral is currently not accepting numbers in this syntax.

  • Guest
    Nov 2, 2020

    This has already been addressed with another support person there. I'm not sure how much clearer I can make this.. There is NOT anyway to input a contact's phone number WITH an extension when inputting their information using your app. It will only accept the 7 digit main number. The only alternative is to go the website version and enter the full phone number AND extension through that option. There should be a way to enter the same info through the app but there is not. The other ring central support person confirmed this is the only way to include an extension and suggested I put in a request.....thank you

  • Admin
    Becky Hensley
    Oct 28, 2020

    Can you please share exactly what you're needing and also can you share a screenshot of the app experience?