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Announcement Only Extensions- Post Announcement Destination Configurable

RC currently has "announcement only" extensions available.

If you transfer a caller to the extension, it plays the announcement and then HANGS UP.

It seems to me that "Announcement Only" extensions would be much more useful if you had a choice what to do after the announcement was over instead of just HANGING UP. User should be able to configure the announcement only extension to transfer to another extension/ivr/queue after the announcement.

As an example, if I wanted to have an IVR that said:

press 1 for.. ,

2 for...,

3 for...

4 for directions to our showroom (Simply an announcement)

5 for store hours (Simply an annoucement)

Then you would define an "Announcement Only" extension that transferred back to the IVR extension after playing the announcement.


On an inbound call, I want to say:

1) "Thank you for calling ABC. Calls may be monitored".

2) Press x for Sales, 2 for Support .....

If the user doesn't press anything, I want the ability to only repeat line 2. Currently, I believe you can only repeat the entire IVR.

I don't think there is a "supported" way of doing this without requiring the user to press * or some other key to transfer back with the current implementation of the IVR system.

  • Frank B
  • Oct 2 2020
Benefit of such feature Would make IVR much more useful.
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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