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Status Future consideration
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Frank Busal-1100
Created on Oct 2, 2020

Announcement Only Extensions- Post Announcement Destination Configurable

RC currently has "announcement only" extensions available.

If you transfer a caller to the extension, it plays the announcement and then HANGS UP.

It seems to me that "Announcement Only" extensions would be much more useful if you had a choice what to do after the announcement was over instead of just HANGING UP. User should be able to configure the announcement only extension to transfer to another extension/ivr/queue after the announcement.

As an example, if I wanted to have an IVR that said:

press 1 for.. ,

2 for...,

3 for...

4 for directions to our showroom (Simply an announcement)

5 for store hours (Simply an annoucement)

Then you would define an "Announcement Only" extension that transferred back to the IVR extension after playing the announcement.


On an inbound call, I want to say:

1) "Thank you for calling ABC. Calls may be monitored".

2) Press x for Sales, 2 for Support .....

If the user doesn't press anything, I want the ability to only repeat line 2. Currently, I believe you can only repeat the entire IVR.

I don't think there is a "supported" way of doing this without requiring the user to press * or some other key to transfer back with the current implementation of the IVR system.

Benefit of such feature Would make IVR much more useful.
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Frank Busal-1100
    May 2, 2023

    Announcement Only extensions after playing their announcement needs to be configurable to transfer to another extension number in the system, or return to the IVR that transferred to it. Currently the only destination after playing the Announcement is to hang up on the caller?!? In a business scenario, I can't see the purpose of any announcement and then hanging up on the caller.

    The secondary benefit of enhancing the Announcement Only extension as I described above is for your customers to be able to easily add a temporary announcement to their flows.

    Let's say this is my normal flow:

    Main Number is dialed.

    Caller hears "Thank you for calling. Call may be monitored..."

    Call is transferred to multi-IVR or Queue depending on day/time.

    Then for whatever reason I decide I want to let my caller's know that we have a "Special on cups of coffee for the next week."

    Under the current RC system, I would have to re-record my "Thank you for calling.. Call may be monitored" message to include the "Special on cups of coffee for the next week" Recording.

    If you enhanced the Announcement Only extension, you could just chain in the message.. i.e. I would configured the system as:

    Main Number is dialed.

    Announcement Only is Played: "Thank you for calling.. Call May be monitored.

    Announcement Only ext transfers to another Announcement Only 2nd Announcement Only is played: "This week only, we have a special on cups of coffee..."

    Announcement only ext transfers to possibly another Announcment Only ext, Or it now transfers to multi-IVR or call queue based on day/time etc.

    Much more intuitive & flexible in my humble opinion...

    This also would allow RC users to chain a series of announcements together in route to the calls ultimate destination.l

  • Richie Schut
    May 26, 2022

    Was really surprised this was not an option!