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Allow users to pickup a call ringing on another Extension

Most phone systems allow something like a "pickup group" which gives users in the same group the permission to pickup a ringing call on another extension.

For example, lets say we have 10 users in a queue and 3 are away from their desk. However, one of those users forgot to set their desk phone to DND - a call comes into the queue and rings on the phone. Allow another user in the queue to pickup that call by dialing a code or pressing a button and entering the extension

  • Guest
  • Oct 5 2020
  • Implemented
Benefit of such feature Would allow us to avoid refused calls
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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  • Rylie Perrault commented
    10 Sep 08:23pm

    Hi, thanks for coming to the ideas portal!

    We now have multiple features available in the RingCentral App that may be a solution for you.

    Please give these a look and let me know if you have any other questions!

    Group Call Pickup which allows users to answer another user's calls :

    Call Queue Pickup which allows users to answer queue calls:

  • Elyse Watts commented
    5 Mar 06:08pm

    this is possible with presence but I don't think it's as robust as what you are asking for. If you add the line in question to the user's presence you can have it ring and give the user permission to answer it.

  • Guest commented
    27 Jan 10:13pm

    If you have to build a group, then put people in that group. Anyone in that group should just hit a button or code, to answer any ringing phone in that group. Having to enter the extension is redundant and excessive. If you are in a cube farm, you don't know what ext is ringing.