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Created on Oct 7, 2020

Support e911 profiles for mobile/remote users to quickly change

As many users are now mobile and remote. Their e911 address needs to be updated. This becomes burdensome as users go between home and office or other, users need to manually enter their full address location every time.

It would be far more efficient to have profiles saved by the user for these locations that they can select, update, create new, as they change their physical location.

Even more cool would be enable geolocation to these profiles to auto update as users change location.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • John Nickell
    Oct 26, 2020

    I'm basically going back and forth between two location. This would be a great addition. Leaving it as is, is more likely to have people forget/ignore or mistype information

    Even if you can't do geolocation, you could do something to identify the network you're connected to when the address is setup. I.e. if I Connect to WifiX with gateway A then choose this profile, but if I connect to WifiA with gateway C then choose this other profile.


E911 Saved Addresses

Ability to add a "Saved List" of E911 addresses in a dropdown, to cycle between. Most people these days split time between office and home or traveling.
Chris Redmond Ext 1147 over 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Allow users to set up e911 profiles so that they can use a drop-down to select current location or use a text field with type ahead to sort through the last 5-10 locations used automatically

Please allow users to create emergency address profiles so that they can select their location from a drop-down when they travel from work to home or other common locations. Either that, or have a text box that remembers frequent locations to make...
Scott Heffner over 2 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 1 Under review