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Created on Oct 8, 2020

Call waiting for queue calls

There should be an ability to have call waiting for queue calls as using an IVR with set queues is the easiest way of having an overall system and using simultaneous rings for the same phone number that's a direct line vs using a queue for the IVR is a laborious set up process and tends to complicate a phone system for businesses and the customers.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Chris Redmond Ext 1147
    Nov 10, 2022

    Need this YEARS AGO!

  • Dennis Argue
    Oct 7, 2022

    Cannot believe this feature isn't already available. To be honest, would not have migrated from the Mitel platform when requested if we knew this feature was not available. What business would not need this?

  • David DeSanto
    Sep 16, 2022

    The ability to answer multiple que calls is essential to our business, so I hope that this will become available soon!

  • Jonathan Dabush
    May 29, 2022

    We really need this!

    Mar 31, 2022

    Any update on this request?

    Mar 17, 2022

    I was advised by RC support that this feature could be available by the end of this quarter. It would be a toggle option within each call queue. This would be huge help to our operation. Please update on status.

  • James Marshall SA
    Jan 11, 2022

    Any update on this?

    The only way to get this feature now is to use a regular extension configured as a 'ring group'. It is cumbersome, and restricted to physical devices or the RC Phone App only.

  • Guest
    Oct 12, 2021

    another FR

  • Joey Gutierrez
    Jul 1, 2021

    Any updates on this?

  • Samantha Berry
    Jun 21, 2021

    I agree. At our company we like to at least answer all queue calls and put them on hold (let's them know we are aware of their presence). And/or put a coworker out on the field calling in, on hold to get to customers calling in. An audible alert would be preferable.


Allow Call Queue Members to see additional incoming calls when on the line

Not all companies that use Ring Central use it for Call Center purposes and call queues seem to be structured around a Call Center function, rather than for general businesses. For example, if I want three people to be able to pick up incoming cal...
Bridget Whitlock 6 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 1 Planned

Please allow a 'call-waiting' option in simultaneous queues

Please allow call queues configured for simultaneous ringing to have call-waiting, as in, allow a user currently on a call to see the next incoming call and determine what to do with it. Particularly in short staff or busy situations it is prefera...
James Marshall SA 11 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Planned

Call Queue: Allow option to ring if already on a call

Would like an OPTION (not an always on or always off) setting per call queue to allow the calls to ring thru even if you are on another call. This will help with some calling SLA where we must pick up the phone within a certain amount of time.
Travis Hill 9 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Planned