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Created on Oct 8, 2020

Need Reports Greater than 6 months, Need one year

I would like to run a report on the inbound calls thus far in 2020 and get data on our Inbound calls and if they have increased month by month and which months after COVID started impacting us in Mid-March and see the impact on our employees phone useage from working from home.

Product Line RingCentral Analytics
  • Odell Duppins
    Mar 7, 2023

    We are a corporate travel agency that needs to provide annual KPI reporting to our corporate clients. It's a HUGE letdown to see the data gets purged after 6 months. This definitely needs to be increased to at least 24 months.

  • Collin Anderson
    Mar 24, 2021

    My team is often asking about what things were like a year ago when planning for next year, and the current analytics are useless for that because the data has always expired. Please increase to 12 months. 24 would be ideal, but 12 would be a huge help.