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Task functionality

RC - formerly Glip - has a task functionality

in the version 20.3.20 users were able to see their messages specific to that task in a right-hand side window in the RC app.

users in 20.4.xx no longer can. the messages are just in the main window with all the other messages for that team.

is there no way for users in the 'newer' version to see the messages for a specific task in a separate side window or view?

  • Guest
  • Oct 14 2020
  • Implemented
Product Line RingCentral App
  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    21 Apr, 2021 08:50pm

    Task replies and commenting is available as of 4/14 VERSION 21.2.10.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    5 Mar, 2021 02:58pm

    The ability to comment on tasks is coming to the new app. Plan is end of Q2!

  • Trent Dougherty commented
    5 Mar, 2021 01:54pm

    @jessica, exactly as Holliday described.

    PLEASE add this feature (FIX) before our users are forced to upgrade to the new App.

    This isn't just a "nice-to-have"; it will DESTROY the way we use Glip.

  • Cursive Media commented
    5 Mar, 2021 10:48am

    @jessica we need to be able to comment on the task with a comment that is associated with the task.

    I am still able to have the old RC on my phone and you can see here that it has an area where you can reply. On the desktop you could click on the task and then on the right hand side you could comment on the task as well.

    The issue with the new version is that you cannot do that so your comments to the task are really lost and when you work with large teams it gets confusing.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    4 Mar, 2021 11:36pm


    In the new app, you can view the conversation a task originated in by hovering over "Posted In" and selecting the message bubble icon for show conversation.

    If this isn't what you mean in your idea, please clarify!


  • Guest commented
    3 Feb, 2021 03:32pm

    The fact they didn't build this out in the new app, and no the old classic app is sunsetting, is a complete joke. I can't stand this company, they push out updates constantly, nothing ever works with their software (because they are constantly updating and tinkering with everything).