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Desk phone to ring first before app

Currently, the app rings at the same time as the desk phone. You set the desk phone to sequentially ring after the app but not before. I prefer the desk phone to ring first for a couple of rings, then the app on my cell phone would be called.

  • Debbie Torres
  • Oct 14 2020
  • Implemented
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Keith Cocking commented
    12 May 05:47pm

    Jared, no problem, thanks for the vote.

    Jennifer, thanks for the info, I've added my vote to the other idea, and hope that others do as well. The main description of this idea pretty explicitly described the issue I'm looking at, so I'm disappointed that the two are separated.

  • Jared Cross commented
    12 May 05:01pm

    Hey @Keith Cocking, my bad, I misunderstood what you were saying. Agreed, it would be really nice to separate the two apps! I added my vote!

  • Admin
    Jennifer Del Rosario commented
    12 May 04:46pm

    Hey @Kieth and B&B, you are looking at the different features. Your request is not yet available. Please add your vote here We appreciate your patience in this matter.

  • B & B Maintenance Services commented
    12 May 12:43pm

    Trash. I am so tired of the desk phone ringing and my cell APP when I am at my desk. Drives me out of my mind. RC should not consider this implemented.

  • Keith Cocking commented
    5 May 08:27pm

    Jared and Jennifer, thanks for checking in, but maybe I need to be more specific. I can see that you can separate the hard phone (desk phone) and app separately, but I am looking for the ability to separate the desktop app (RingCentral Phone) and the mobile app. When I am sitting at my desk using my softphone, I do not want the RingCentral Phone desktop app and the mobile app to ring simultaneously. See the attached screenshot for what I'm looking at.

  • Admin
    Jennifer Del Rosario commented
    5 May 07:37pm

    Hey Jared! Thank you so much for your help in sharing the information. We appreciate you a ton!

  • Jared Cross commented
    5 May 06:28pm

    Hey guys, you CAN set the hard phone and the mobile app to ring separately!

    You (or your admin) just has to select "Ring in Order" instead of "Ring all at once" in the "Call Forwarding and Voicemail" settings area where you re-order them. ;-)

  • Keith Cocking commented
    4 May 07:28pm

    That's a good step, but as others have already noticed you still need to separate the desktop and mobile apps - I do not need calls ringing on my cell phone app when I am sitting at my desk, super annoying!

  • Gabi Barkman commented
    4 May 07:00pm

    This is great! Now if you could get the desktop app and mobile app to ring separately it would be perfect!

    I want my computer to ring first, then my cell. I don't need my cell going off every time I get a call when I'm at my desk.

  • Admin
    Jennifer Del Rosario commented
    4 May 06:26pm
  • Jared Cross commented
    4 May 05:02pm

    And suddenly, it appears that this feature has been implemented?

    All I can say is, as of right now, I can move our Yealink hard phones to position #1 in the ring order...


  • Mary Rittenburg commented
    6 Apr 07:08pm

    This is NECESSARY! I have to use my personal cell phone at work, and it annoys me that my desk phone (which actually is company property) doesn't ring first. ANNOYING!

  • Rob Seib commented
    1 Apr 04:25pm

    very important feature to have , some users need deskphone as primary

  • Mary Glagola commented
    17 Mar 02:47pm

    This gets my vote. Please implement ASAP. Seems silly that it hasn't been address even though people have been asking for 2 years now.

  • Gabi Barkman commented
    3 Mar 10:28pm

    This was something I noticed when testing RingCentral. We go live later this month and I plan on asking about it in our live training session tomorrow. Fingers crossed this becomes an option soon!

  • Keith Cocking commented
    22 Feb 01:28pm

    +1 This NEEDS attention - this is an everyday situation that should be a standard feature

  • Ryan Tognarini commented
    10 Feb 02:10pm

    +1 please implement

  • Jared Cross commented
    9 Feb 11:05pm

    Another bump.

    There was some recent activity over here: so clearly this is an item that needs IMMEDIATE implementation!!!

  • Jared Cross commented
    21 Jan 01:48am

    Nearly another month, another bump...

  • Andrew Clem commented
    27 Dec, 2021 07:23pm

    My client asked for this ability recently. I can't believe you cannot configure your desk phone to ring first and then your mobile app. Seems this functionality should be a no brainer!

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