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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 29, 2020

Assign ringtone for lines or groups

We've had a variety of request from users to have custom ringtones on the mobile app, desktop app and desk phones. Please comment and vote on this thread indicating the type of customization you are interested in.

Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Scott Crawford
    Aug 30, 2022

    I am extremely shocked custom notifications, not just for ring tones is not an option. It's one of the most basic features I can think of in 2020. Seeing the status is only listed as "Future Consideration" on the post with close to 800 votes doesn't give me warm fuzzes RingCentral is listening.

  • Mandy Casey
    Aug 16, 2022

    Different ring tones for a call queue vs a call to my direct extension would be beneficial!

  • Brad Robbert
    Aug 2, 2022

    I've been searching through the Resource Center to figure out how to change the ringtone for calls from other extensions, thinking surely something so basic already existed. Glad to have found this thread so I can stop looking, but can't believe it still hasn't been implemented after two years of requests.

  • Denny Kisner
    Jun 2, 2022

    Would be helpful to distinguish between internal calls, external queue calls, and external direct dialed calls.

  • Steve Lekutis
    Apr 8, 2022

    Would be helpful to distinguish between internal calls, external queue calls, and external direct dialed calls.

  • Nikolay Kostov
    Mar 11, 2022

    Very good idea to have custom ringtones for groups such as call queues or pick up groups.

  • Andreas Hofer
    Mar 11, 2022

    Different Ringtones for different Call Queues

  • Lucas Giering
    Mar 11, 2022

    Different Ringtones for different Call Queues

  • William Salas
    Feb 4, 2022

    Differing ringtones for differing extensions will help us answer our phones correctly.

  • James Buckman
    Feb 4, 2022

    I just had some staff ask for this feature as well. It would really make a difference for them if they could distinguish between call queue calls and direct calls.

  • Joey Garcia
    Jan 14, 2022

    I actually received a request from the General Manager just the other day. They wanted to setup a custom ringtone for when VIPs call. So basically, if a VIP calls the GM's phone line there would be a custom distinct ringtone to alert in case he's away from his desk but within range to quickly pick it up. This would need to be setup by incoming caller ID, number called, or ext called. That's the use case scenario that we have.

  • Wendy Kirkpatrick
    Nov 17, 2021

    It would be extremely helpful if we could distinguish incoming calls from calls within the office!

  • Gina Niemer
    Nov 5, 2021

    Different rings for different call groups, and internal vs. external calls

  • Guest
    Oct 14, 2021

    Incoming queue calls with a different ring tone would be great. Or being able to add the queue as a contact and being able to set ring tones for contacts would also be a nice feature.

  • Darren Wilson
    Aug 9, 2021

    Different tones for internal and external calls needed asap! It is driving our users crazy.

  • Guest
    Aug 6, 2021

    We would also like to differentiate between internal intercom calls and external calls with different ringtones.

  • Frank Cafasso
    Jul 29, 2021

    we're new to RC but we have had multiple users in the past 6 weeks ask if there was a way to differentiate the queue calls from the direct calls other than the caller ID. I guess many don't look at the phone prior to picking up?

  • Guest
    Jul 28, 2021

    at minimum, differentiating a direct to line/extension call from a call received thru a group call/call queue would be very helpful.

  • Guest
    Jul 19, 2021

    There are 4 people who have the main line AND the receptionist's line (when she is away from her desk) forwarded to their phone. When the phone rings, everyone yells "IS IT MY LINE!?!?!" Because it can be one of 3 numbers. We need a way to differentiate between the main/receptionist's line and our personal extensions.

  • James Esch
    Jul 14, 2021

    Great idea

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I would like to see different rings be available for different numbers receiving calls

I used RingCentral for 2 different small businesses on the same account. It would be very useful to know which number was being called to know which business they were trying to reach
Russell Morgan 5 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Future consideration

Different Ringtones for Extensions and Numbers

Would be great when someone dials the general company line and for instance presses 1 for Sales vs. if someone dials your number or extension directly for the ringtones to be different. This way when receiving the call I can tell if it is a genera...
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Future consideration

Allow custom ringtone

Would allow us to differentiate incoming RC calls from calls to our cell #. The built in ringtones currently available are not exactly appealing. Just about every other phone app allows this.
Arto Basmadjian over 1 year ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Future consideration

Custom Ringtones/Notifications for RingCentral Desktop

Many of the included ringtones are not attention grabbing or dont really sound like a phone. The ringcentral phone app for desktop (phone icon) has this feature, I think it should also be added to the RingCentral app (R icon) which is supposed to ...
Andrew Swol 4 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Future consideration

Multiple rings for different lines being called

I would like to have the option of using different rings for different ring groups and internal calls. That way we know what line is being called without looking at the screen.
Gina Niemer 11 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Future consideration

Team pickup call using Glip

Please add a ringtone and/or notification for team pick up calls on the GLIP App. This would then allow the users to see when and who is ringing their colleagues number at the time.
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Future consideration

Assign Ringtones for individual lines

My Admin Team and I have to cover many lines. I would like to assign a different ringtone to each individual line. Right now, I can only change the ringtones for the attendant line entirely. So for example, If I want to make the ringtone a low tri...
Ashley Jones about 2 years ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Future consideration

Different Ringtone for internal/direct dial calls to those that are calls from being in a group

At work probably 1 in 20 calls on my phone is actually for me. I'm in a call group called Support and I only answer those if they ring for 1 minute or more (as that amount of time means the support team are busy). As the majority of calls that rin...
Guest about 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Future consideration

Changing the type of ringtone depending on how the call comes in

Having a different ring when a call comes directly to their phone, vs when it is comes through the mainline number that has a call que set up to go to multiple different people? (i.e. if someone were to call my direct line or my extension directly...
Guest about 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Future consideration

Set Different Ring Tones for incoming calls

This feature would be a setting to the Call Queue and Groups. It would enable groups to change their incoming ring tones. For example, we have a New York group that has the main company number where we would want the ring tone to be different than...
Nikki Smith 20 days ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Future consideration

Assign a ringtone to a number or group

Would like to have the ability to assign a unique ringtone to a specific ring group or to a specific inbound number. This will allow the user the ability to identify calls just buy the ringtone. Call Queue X has a unique ringtone assigned to it. F...
Mark Siler almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Future consideration