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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls

We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We would love to see this feature in the next firmware update.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Planned
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Jonathan Weaver commented
    17 Jan 06:19pm

    Hey guys, our company is new to ring central and this is a feature we are sorely missing. i'm sure everyone can appreciate the need to know who is actually calling your line, or more importantly for us, when folks are transferred and leave no call back information, we only have the CID of the transferred line to work from.

  • Wess Bechard commented
    6 Jan 07:37pm

    This has been requested for over a year and a half, and is a critical feature that just worked on every other system. I was asked by support to come here and add it to the ideas list, only to find it as #1 on the list of requests.

  • Craig Rhinehart commented
    21 Dec, 2021 06:48pm

    Badly needed. Feels like a step back from the 10 year old phone system we just switched from

  • Rafael Lopez commented
    17 Dec, 2021 10:07pm

    Other phone systems allow you transfer both callerID and the person's number who is transferring the call. This function is critical.

  • Jared Cross commented
    8 Nov, 2021 08:56pm

    Why on Earth hasn't this been implemented yet???

  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2021 06:20pm

    Strong support from our organization as well! When is the planned date?

  • Guest commented
    3 Nov, 2021 04:43pm

    We support this addition 1000%

  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2021 01:29pm

    Yes, this needs to be done ASAP.

  • Dave Davenport commented
    28 Oct, 2021 03:04pm

    Please do, long overdue!

  • Guest commented
    28 Oct, 2021 01:44pm

    Our team supports this change without hesitation.

  • Debra Ceeko commented
    27 Oct, 2021 10:30pm

    In the year 2021 and we cannot see caller id? This is beyond ridiculous! Our 40 year old phone system could show both caller name and phone number. Quit messing around and get this fixed!

  • Guest commented
    27 Oct, 2021 10:12pm

    I am getting a lot of flack from our CEO about this, we really need this prioritized ASAP.

  • Jeremy Esquivias commented
    27 Oct, 2021 09:03pm

    Such great news!

  • Mark Szewczyk commented
    27 Oct, 2021 08:50pm
    Planned! Awesome!! When? :)
  • A Hodge commented
    6 Oct, 2021 07:06am

    This is a huge issue for us and we'd love to see this implemented. Appears to be going backwards from our Avaya system

  • Nathan Ramsden-Lock commented
    20 Sep, 2021 09:07am

    14 months on and still "Under Consideration" - I have yet to see any idea here implemented.

  • Jake Boyce commented
    17 Sep, 2021 05:10pm

    We just moved to RingCentral a few weeks ago and this is easily the biggest complaint I am getting from my users.

  • Chris Waddington commented
    17 Sep, 2021 08:05am

    Still hoping this is going to be released soon.

  • Guest commented
    7 Sep, 2021 08:55pm

    up vote, Desperately need this!

  • Sean P commented
    26 Aug, 2021 06:09pm

    Up-vote. We have a significant business need for this functionality.

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