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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls

We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We would love to see this feature in the next firmware update.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Under Consideration
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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  • A Hodge commented
    6 Oct 07:06am

    This is a huge issue for us and we'd love to see this implemented. Appears to be going backwards from our Avaya system

  • Nathan Ramsden-Lock commented
    20 Sep 09:07am

    14 months on and still "Under Consideration" - I have yet to see any idea here implemented.

  • Jake Boyce commented
    17 Sep 05:10pm

    We just moved to RingCentral a few weeks ago and this is easily the biggest complaint I am getting from my users.

  • Chris Waddington commented
    17 Sep 08:05am

    Still hoping this is going to be released soon.

  • Guest commented
    7 Sep 08:55pm

    up vote, Desperately need this!

  • Sean P commented
    26 Aug 06:09pm

    Up-vote. We have a significant business need for this functionality.

  • Guest commented
    20 Aug 08:08pm

    This feature is available from other providers. This is a key feature in a busy office.

  • Justin Faulkner commented
    11 Aug 10:15pm

    I don't understand how this is under consideration still. If this doesn't get sped up i think some will be finding a different platform at the end of their contracts

  • Fin commented
    21 Jul 07:43pm

    New to RC and don't understand how this isn't the default behavior. Very confusing.

  • Ben Jones commented
    12 Jul 04:17pm

    Yes, please add this feature as I have gotten more requests from my clients on this than any other feature. Please! :)

  • Guest commented
    7 Jul 10:15am

    can you have the feature available soon please. it is helpful with having the 'original' caller's number after either a warm or unattended (cold) transfer,

    thank you

  • Jonathan O'Neill commented
    29 Jun 02:59pm

    Wondering how long this will remain Under Consideration. This was first suggested nearly a year ago. This is the most thing our users complain about. :(

  • Dave Lyons commented
    25 Jun 10:44am

    I would like to see this feature, it is a basic option that should be available now.



  • Guest commented
    21 Jun 07:04pm

    The only options I am getting are Consultative or Basic ?-I am not seeing warm or unattended.

  • Justin Dale commented
    1 Jun 09:46pm

    hi everyone who posted in the last few days... this is possible by doing an unattended transfer. If they do a warm transfer, it is going to show the caller id of the person doing the transferring. When transferring, hold down the "Transfer" button and it should change to let you select Warm or Unattended. You can change the default on Polycom phones by going to Setting -> Basic-> Preferences ->Default Transfer Type

  • Josh Klein commented
    27 May 08:03pm

    Is there any timeline for this? This should be basic functionality for any phone system.

  • Brittany Reynolds commented
    27 May 02:24pm

    Now that our staff is aware that we have to answer every phone call that we receive as if it were a customer, even though it may appear that a colleague is calling us, it has spared us the complete embarrassment and unprofessionalism that we encountered with a few clients before knowing this. It is absolutely imperative that this feature be implemented to be able to function properly.

  • Hannah A commented
    22 May 12:15am

    Thank you for making this under consideration! Our President and CEO are not happy about this feature not being available (and almost don't believe me that it's not available so it does reflect poorly on me and my choice of using Ring Central). Thank you!

  • Guest commented
    20 May 08:55pm

    I keep getting chewed out because this feature doesn't exist. My rear end is half the size it used to be before the last two RC installations I just did. RC, please take a step back from all the 'cool' unified communications stuff and just focus on the phone system. This is a feature that should have been implemented from Day 1 of your birth. C'mon man, you're killing us!

  • Bert Lousteau commented
    20 May 06:26pm

    100% necessary. My users do not care who transfered them a call, they want to know who is calling.

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