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Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls

We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We would love to see this feature in the next firmware update.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Planned
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • D.J. Paris commented
    18 May 05:52pm

    Please roll this out, soon! You'll have fans for life! :)

  • Admin Support commented
    11 May 05:39pm

    Most RC competition has this originating Caller ID on Transfers. We need this feature added today.

  • Steve Main commented
    20 Apr 05:58pm

    IVR transfer to external 800 numbers is our primary use case. Can that be added?

  • Sue Malzacher commented
    20 Apr 05:35pm

    Will it be available with integrations like MS Teams?

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    20 Apr 05:13pm

    It will be supported for RC Phone desktop app, but will not be supporting transfer to external numbers.

  • Steve Main commented
    20 Apr 03:53pm

    Since we were unable to participate in the beta, are there answers to the questions posed earlier, "I don't see RingCentral Phone Desktop app. Will this be available there? Also, will this be available for transfers from IVR menus to external numbers?" Thanks!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    20 Apr 02:51pm

    I'm still waiting on our product team to confirm a date @Steve, as soon as I know, I'll share 🙂

  • Steve Kirby commented
    11 Apr 05:18pm

    @Jessica Hernandez Please provide a update on when this is going to roll out.

    Thank you.

  • Kayla Turner commented
    30 Mar 05:46pm

    Hi All,

    Through various technical support phone calls I've found that this can be achieved by setting your physical phone's default transfer type to "blind" rather than "consultative". I'm still rather unclear on the difference between warm and blind transfers, but I don't really need to know as long as it works.

    We are using Polycom VVX 350 + 450 phones.

    To Edit From the Deskphone:

    Setting -> Basic -> Preferences -> Default Transfer Type -> Blind.

    Transfer Process:

    Accept call -> Press Transfer Button -> Press Extension Button (or dial extension)-> Hang up.

    The caller ID window now shows as the caller's number, rather than the staffer's extension who is transferring to you.

    Hope that might help somebody else!

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    11 Mar 10:11pm

    We're not looking for additional beta participants at this time, and there isn't a current timeline around when this feature will be GA. We'll update this idea as soon as we know more!

  • Kayla Turner commented
    11 Mar 10:11pm

    I'm late to this party, but agree this is a critical "feature". I see that this idea is now marked as "planned" can someone please give us admins an update as to when we could expect to see this implemented? Or can we join the beta in the meantime? THANKS in advance.

  • Steve Kirby commented
    10 Mar 03:53pm

    Is there a status on this? Are we still able to join the beta?

  • Mark Szewczyk commented
    3 Mar 01:12pm

    We've been testing it for a month with no issues, it is working great - roll it out to the rest of these companies already so these IT admins don't continue to get grilled :D.

  • Joe Cache - 1601 commented
    28 Feb 06:39pm

    So far on the Beta - staff has found no issues, and is enjoying knowing that the call is calling from the outside, or from 'inside the house!' so-to-speak. :)


  • Andrew Goudy commented
    24 Feb 12:18am

    We have it set with various outbound skills. WE have one where the callers Caller id is passed on, one where the agents ext is passed on and one where it passes our corperate number. It was difficult to get configured and working properly but now that it is it works great.

  • Thomas Butler commented
    18 Feb 05:29pm

    Glad to see they are testing this. It is very confusing to our team to think the call is coming from the person that is transferring the call

  • Trish Colyer commented
    18 Feb 03:09pm

    Is this currently being tested? Just wondering if there are updates that can be shared. Thanks

  • Gareth Fearn commented
    16 Feb 03:38pm

    Makes the Salesforce screen pop function totally useless. Cannot log a call in most cases because it can't link to the caller record. Basic functionality urgently needed as far as I can see.

  • Jack Ralph commented
    16 Feb 03:30pm

    Any Movement on this? This is a urgently needed feature. The fact it's not included already could almost be viewed as a software Bug rather than a missing feature.

  • Joey Garcia commented
    1 Feb 05:11pm

    Admin here and looking forward to the Beta test! I hope I'm part of the 50 Beta testers. I can't tell you how annoying it is to get a warm transfer call from the front desk only to find out it was actually a Sales call.

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