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SMS / Text Auto Responder

Hello! An Auto Text Responder would be a huge benefit to Ring Central. I'm a US customer and am a Realtor. There are auto Text responses that would help me greatly to be able to tell clients I'll get back to them shortly-whether I'm with my family, in another meeting, etc. I can see this use being helpful in many other industries as well and really think this should be an immediate addition to your services. When all people need immediate responses these days, this would be priceless!! Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Future consideration
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Emily Scotton commented
    20 May 02:05pm

    We use Ring Central as a way to communicate with clients in our law firm, and we desperately need an auto response feature. Please add!

  • Godfrey Mubiru commented
    18 May 05:08pm

    This is overdue. Verified Auto responses for Business is critical important. Please figure it out and deploy it.

  • Kim Doppler commented
    16 May 01:51pm

    How is this not a feature yet? We use our Ring Central direct line to text with clients all the time, and need to be able to let them know when we are not in the office if they text when we are gone/unavailable, just as with our email.

  • Jackie Hurry commented
    10 May 06:54pm

    We have two people that accepts calls from our main line and they both work opposite shifts. There are times when I’m on the phone and another call comes through and keeps ringing. If there was an automated text that was sent to that caller

    ‘we are away from the phone and will get back with you shortly. Is there something we can help you with in the meantime.‘

    That would help us tremendousl.

  • Sarah Bauer commented
    9 May 01:55pm

    We have multiple departments and one main office line. It would be amazing to have an automated response to let customers know the main office line is not always checked and to respond with a certain number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, etc) to be directed to the specific department they're looking for.

  • Nicole Redifer commented
    4 May 12:38am

    Great idea!

  • Heather Lowe commented
    3 May 02:30pm

    I was surprised to discover this wasn't already a feature with RC. Please add this! I am our office's super admin but my assistant is the one to confirm appointments via text. If she is not here, patients may message her and not realize that the number is unattended. It would be wonderful to have this option to let patients know that they need to message me at a different number. We could also really use this for out of office hours.

  • Michaela Hendershott commented
    28 Apr 09:25pm

    Yes! Auto response, especially when one employee is out of office, would be SO amazing. I hate worrying that I'm getting texts from clients when I am out on vacation and can't just have an auto response set to tell them to contact another co worker. Must have feature for the future!

  • Property Manager commented
    27 Apr 03:05pm

    YES! We need an after hours auto responder setup please. Thank you!

  • Marissa Cronk commented
    25 Apr 07:44pm

    This feature could also be used as an “out of office” auto text response. When I am out of the office and my customers text me a question my text messaging is not monitored by anyone in my absence. Therefore the customer has no idea why am not responding to them in a timely manner. When they call they receive my out of office voicemail. When the email they receive my out of office email. When they text they receive nothing.

  • Sara McKeon commented
    25 Apr 04:24am
    We need this for after hours Auto response
  • Tim Powell commented
    25 Apr 01:20am

    Please add!

  • Wendy Miller commented
    24 Apr 04:30pm

    Yes, please implement ASAP! I would like to VOTE for this as well but do not see that option here.

  • Chris Hubbell commented
    18 Apr 07:02pm

    Yes Please

  • Add Value commented
    11 Apr 07:40pm

    I ask about this every time I call!!!!!! Please please do!

  • Allison McBride commented
    11 Apr 04:11pm

    AN ABSOLUTE NEED for this feature. Many times clients will not call or email just text and we do not have a way to advise them we are out of the office and clients get update that we do not reply in a timely manner.

  • Tim Schwartz commented
    16 Mar 12:31pm

    This is an absolute must have! PLEASE!

  • John Carlson commented
    24 Feb 12:40am

    Insane that this is not possible yet.

  • Sergio Herrera commented
    23 Feb 04:35pm

    This feature is an absolute must. I'm surprised that it's been almost two years and it hasn't been included.

  • Chris Davis commented
    15 Feb 12:26pm

    This feature would be very helpful for us. Please add

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