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SMS / Text Auto Responder

Hello! An Auto Text Responder would be a huge benefit to Ring Central. I'm a US customer and am a Realtor. There are auto Text responses that would help me greatly to be able to tell clients I'll get back to them shortly-whether I'm with my family, in another meeting, etc. I can see this use being helpful in many other industries as well and really think this should be an immediate addition to your services. When all people need immediate responses these days, this would be priceless!! Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Future consideration
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Jessica Hernandez commented
    6 Jan 04:26pm

    Hi Zubayr, this request is for an Auto Responder, this functionality is not avialable at all. There is SMS available in the US, but not the UK at this time. This is a seperate idea you can vote on here:

  • Zubayr Kamal commented
    6 Jan 01:32pm

    I was informed by a customer service agent that this is available in US now. it needs to also be available in the UK please. I too am considering switching service as this is a much needed service

  • Brooke Stringer commented
    6 Jan 01:43am

    PLEASE ADD THIS. thinking of switching service because of this feature not being available. Such a basic function.

  • Josh Barrett commented
    28 Dec, 2021 06:33pm

    Really need this feature. I would be able to deploy ringcentral out to so many more employees if it was.

  • Taylor Tyler commented
    23 Dec, 2021 07:35pm

    Really really needed! Please add!

  • Guest commented
    9 Dec, 2021 12:12pm

    Please add this feature as it makes it hard when people are expecting a response to a text message and the person is on vacation.

  • Guest commented
    1 Dec, 2021 06:05pm


  • AJ Erickson commented
    1 Dec, 2021 05:43pm

    We are a medical provider and have had issues with patients texting medical concerns instead of calling our after-hours service. It is critical that our patients are made aware that the SMS inbox may not be monitored by a medical professional 24 hours a day and instead use our 24-hour call service which has separate protocols for contacting the appropriate medical professional. With RingCentral's current system, patients that text our office phone number likely assume that (1) we recieve the message and (2) the appropraite people are reviewing their messages after-hours - both of which could have bad results!

  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2021 05:01pm

    Please add asap. Critical piece to communication to customers.

  • Briana Valadao commented
    29 Nov, 2021 04:44pm

    This would be so valuable. Some of our participants only communicate through text. So even if I set up an auto-reply on my email and update my outgoing voicemail message, if they only text me they get no response and might think I was blowing them off!

  • Rob Sellers commented
    29 Nov, 2021 04:42pm

    This feature should really be an implementation priority...

  • Guest commented
    29 Nov, 2021 03:10pm

    I'm a recent sign up with RC but it is insane that this has been a several years long issue. From reading the many comments about this across multiple posts, it seems that other services offer auto replies through texts. If that is the case, why has it taken so long for RC to implement this feature? It is a major component of client communication and an extreme stressor on employee work-life balance when not available. Why has this feature gone ignored for so long? What is the hold up? PLEASE consider implementing this ASAP.

  • Kyle Jones commented
    24 Nov, 2021 05:30pm

    add this feature!!!

  • Guest commented
    23 Nov, 2021 05:45pm

    Add the feature

  • Guest commented
    22 Nov, 2021 06:55pm

    Yes! Please add this feature.

  • Guest commented
    20 Nov, 2021 03:53pm

    Its nearly 2022....when can we use a auto reply on text messages. This is used in my every day life

  • Jef McCurdy commented
    18 Nov, 2021 06:01pm

    When we switched to RC, I just assumed this would be a feature. Now that I am heading off for vacation, I am beyond disappointed to find that there is no way to let my clients know I am away. This leaves me with two choices: Ignore important clients, or work through my entire vacation. Not a great couple of options.

    Can someone at RC please update? "Under Consideration" for years doesn't help much.

  • Guest commented
    10 Nov, 2021 05:48pm

    same!!! I really need this to be able to respond to clients and employees when I’m out of the office or after hours

  • Guest commented
    9 Nov, 2021 02:02pm

    This is a critical need!!! I text with a lot of candidates and customers and need a way for them to know they're not being ignored when they text while I'm OOO on vacation, etc.

  • Christine Barbacki commented
    9 Nov, 2021 05:04am

    Yes please! Voting for this!

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