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Contacts: share my Personal Contacts with all users

We need a central company wide "Personal Contact List" which auto updates every day as new contacts are added. One way would be to allow the Admin or designated user the option to share his/her Personal Contact List. It would also be helpful to allow any user to share their Personal Contact List with other users or groups.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Under Consideration
Product Line RingCentral App
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  • Lorraine Perez commented
    15 Apr 12:35am

    Is this on the roadmap? Is there an estimated date for implementation?

  • Annie commented
    8 Apr 01:02am

    I need to share my contacts with my co-workers! I NEED this.

  • Mark Peterson commented
    31 Mar 04:38pm

    This discussion has been going on for years. It's time to implement the global contact listing. WHEN????

  • Jill Johnson commented
    30 Mar 09:02pm

    Our office just got RingCentral and I cannot believe that this is not a feature.

  • Stuart Bryson commented
    26 Mar 03:07am

    Having the "Personal" contact list, which appears in the portal, appear on the phone as a directory under the corporate directory would be of incredible benefit. The fact there is no central way of managing contacts is a big oversight.

  • Brendan Harrington commented
    26 Mar 03:03am

    Just as good is to have a secondary external to company - campnay wide address book that could be linked to daily imported csv or live link to anothe database

  • Justin Kyriacou commented
    25 Mar 11:53pm

    It is really outrageous that this is not already a feature. If only we could at least export to csv from the app then we could at least do a manual update of our main contacts in the admin portal 1-2 x per week. Otherwise, RC needs to allow for as many soft phone installations as we need since many of our teams work remotely but cannot install softphones because of licensing restrictions.

  • Robert Arroyo commented
    19 Mar 06:05pm

    Please add this global list feature, especially right now that a lot of us are working remotely. Perhaps still only with a few people as the who have editing permission.

  • Erick Laperle commented
    16 Mar 01:32pm

    This would help our service team to ensure we have a central contacts list.

  • Zachary Tobin commented
    8 Mar 06:19pm

    RINCENTRAL: WE NEED THIS. ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED THIS. NOT HAVING THIS IS THE ONLY REASON WE DONT USE THE NEW APP AND WILL SWITCH ONCE YOU FORCE US TO USE IT. It doesn't seem that hard to do just replicate your "company" contacts coding and rename it to Company Address Book or something . Name it whatever just make it work. Thank you rant over

  • Brendan Richman commented
    5 Mar 03:06pm

    Must-have, and a deal breaker for us currently in trial.

  • James Tupitza commented
    2 Mar 02:09pm

    This is a "MUST HAVE" feature

  • Janette Dalgliesh commented
    25 Feb 02:37pm

    I'm amazed that this is not available

  • Lorraine Anderson commented
    25 Feb 01:55pm

    This is what I was looking for when I logged in!

  • Jim Saner commented
    22 Feb 09:32pm

    Need to be able to access multiple Outlook/Exchange accounts for access to the contacts in those accounts. This was available in the Ring Central Phone app, not sure why it wasn't brought forward in the new RC App. THIS MUST BE FIXED ASAP!!!!

  • Bobby Lunceford commented
    18 Feb 02:12pm

    Yes, incredible this wasn't already considered. On day 3 here, thought we were getting a fully-fledged product but between this and some other issues I'm having serious doubts...we even paid the $2,900.00 remote professional services. If they can't make this work for my 50 extensions then I don't understand how larger companies are dealing with this?

  • Don Cohen commented
    16 Feb 05:30pm

    How is this not a thing by now, but really at all??

  • Beri K commented
    3 Feb 08:09pm

    This is a basic necessity for most businesses! Please add ASAP

  • Dariusz Chmielewski commented
    27 Jan 06:35pm

    This should support contacts for users accross multiple RingCentral company accounts. For example we want to list contacts in RingCentral company account A (for country A) in RingCentral company account B (for country B) and vice versa.

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan 09:42pm

    need this immediately. or a way to roll out contacts as an admin or a dept admin for their users.

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