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Contacts: share my Personal Contacts with all users

We need a central company wide "Personal Contact List" which auto updates every day as new contacts are added. One way would be to allow the Admin or designated user the option to share his/her Personal Contact List. It would also be helpful to allow any user to share their Personal Contact List with other users or groups.

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  • Jul 29 2020
  • Future consideration
Product Line RingCentral App
  • Ignacio ECEIZA commented
    26 Apr 03:20pm

    A business need for us. We would like to share a list of contacts (with specific tagged for example like "gardenstores suppliers") to a user group (garden stores for example).

    We could say for example all users with a specific tag inherit the contacts with the same tag assigned.

    There's a very big value for our users to see the name of the shared contacts on the PC screen or on the phone screen. Icing on the cake they would like to see also the name of the tag after the full name like "First LASTNAME (tag)"

    Nowaday it takes too many time to upload CSV contact files user account by user account, and tehe's no solution in case of updates.

  • Ian Doyle commented
    13 Apr 03:47pm

    This feature, or better yet having contact lists for different user groups would be extremely beneficial. Please, please make this a priority.

  • Brian Davidson commented
    11 Apr 12:23pm

    I will echo the comments that it is mind blowing this isn't a current feature. Absolutely unreal.

  • Matthew Cwiokowski commented
    6 Apr 03:22am

    When can we expect this feature to be available? We have been waiting for over 2 years!

  • Daniel Dacumos commented
    5 Apr 06:52pm

    Can the option for shared contacts be made possible soon?

  • Steve Vong commented
    1 Apr 06:57pm

    As for a company, we can't individually log each contact per user, there are way too many 100+

    We need an option to share contacts with all users for call transfer.

    Thank you ringcentral :)

  • Lauren Edwards commented
    24 Feb 05:03pm

    Going through the message boards and RC forums, it is clear that this feature has been in high demand for many years (one comment referenced 6 years). At what point will you be listening to your customers to deliver a feature that would actually be useful and beneficial to business operations? It is outrageous that such an elementary and standard feature is not a part of your platform and not something it seems there is any likelihood of providing.

  • Chris Mottram commented
    23 Feb 09:40am

    I'm upgrading from an old onsite Avaya system which does have the option for a centalised Directory. Import and export is simple. Had a chat about adding shared contacts with RingCentral support and was told they must consider the impact on existing features. Come on - it's just another list of contacts to merge with the personal list.

  • Kelli Folta commented
    17 Feb 04:09pm

    This needs to be added ASAP! It would be a huge help as we all have to individually add each number to our personal conact list.

  • Lars Phillips commented
    9 Feb 08:48am

    First off - we LOVE RingCentral... but it's mind blowing that a global directory is not a current feature. We want our entire organization to have access to the same contact list of our clients, so when folks call, our employees can see who's calling!

    Right now the only work around is to send 4 CSV files (because RC errors out if you try to upload more than ~800 contacts at a time via CSV) to all employees, and have them manually update their personal contact list - but if we want to add someone to the directory... that means every team member has to manually add that new client.

    PLEASE implement this!!!

  • Tom Howarth commented
    2 Feb 09:02am

    Utterly ridiculous that this is not a feature. It doesn't make any sense. We regret switching to Ring Central for this reason alone.

  • Jon Augustus commented
    20 Jan 09:42pm

    I just launched RingCentral in the office yesterday, this was one of our first "Common Sense" questions, come to find out it isn't an option.

  • Tom Doctorman commented
    11 Jan 07:11pm

    This feature should be considered absolutely essential, We've got thousands of contacts in our AD list for sales and service reps that our internal employees need to contact daily. I can work around it by adding them to each contacts to each users personal address book in outlook, but that creates a static entry so if the info is changed in AD, every user would have to manually update their contacts with the new info.

  • Robert Wakefield commented
    11 Jan 11:39am

    Absolutely mental this isn't a feature!

  • Jeff Rawlings commented
    11 Jan 01:18am

    I assumed (like most) that when it states it comes with CallerID, it would actually ID the caller and not just display the phone number. As advanced as this product is, I can't believe this is not already available.

  • Joshua Avery commented
    7 Jan 12:17am

    Folks, if you're looking for a workaround, until this can be implemented, the free Google account idea is valid. Setup a free Google account, with a generic email or create a company email. The thing is, you'll have to share the login credentials with all of your users. After you've created the free Google account, you can upload and manipulate a huge list of contacts using Google Contacts. Next, go into your Ring Central App of choice, and connect your Google account. Only select the options to integrate your contacts, and viola! They'll all appear. They are searchable, and any changes you make to the Google Contact list, will sync up to all users that are connected to it. So you can centrally manage them for everyone. We've discovered that you can also change a contact in the Ring Central Desktop App, and it will sync up with the Google Service and update it in real-time, and then sync down again to all of the users. This is not perfect, by any means, but it gets the job done until Ring Central creates a proper Global Directory in the system.

  • Francis Gillis commented
    4 Jan 07:06pm

    Please add this as soon as possible!

  • Nathan Ramsden-Lock commented
    4 Jan 09:11am

    nearly 500 votes and 6 years on from the original request and still this request falls on deaf ears - Welcome to Ring Central probably the only VOIP PBX in the world without a centralised external contacts directory.

  • St├ęphane Cohen commented
    26 Dec, 2021 11:36am

    I think I found a good solution to that problem:

    This support article to share contacts across ring central users may help you.

    But it requires that all users have a Gmail / Google Workspace / G Suite account.

  • Jeff Mackler commented
    14 Dec, 2021 09:02pm

    What are you waiting for? This is so simple and so needed.

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