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SMS: Ability to receive verification code (short code) via text messages

Currently, verification code text messages sent from websites like Google do not come through the RingCentral SMS service. Therefore I am unable to add my RingCentral number as the primary number for Google to use for notifications, which impacts our business negatively.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Planned
Product Line RingCentral Phone
  • Bahram Rezaei commented
    18 May 04:20pm

    Please get this implemented, is an essential business feature

  • Scott Warner commented
    13 May 07:01pm

    Need this feature ASAP.

  • Sophia Pedlow commented
    22 Apr 02:22am

    We really need this, and were led to believe it was a feature when we signed up. Please can you add it or adjust our pricing?

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez commented
    13 Apr 06:48pm

    No updates, I am continuing to work with our product team to understand when this will become available.

  • Ken Mills commented
    11 Apr 07:38pm

    Has there been any movement on this? Any updates?

  • Ken Mills commented
    8 Mar 03:44pm

    Yes, I received this further confirmation from RC:


    This is Joel form Tier 2 support and we are following up on the issue with short code message / OTP.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you but we would like to inform you that we have confirmed that this issue has been reported as a bug which also happened to other customers.

    I'm afraid we do not have an ETA for the fix at the moment but we will send the case over to the Product Managers who are working on the resolution.


    Joel Todino

    Tier 2 Support

    Ringcentral Inc.


  • Molly Okerlund commented
    28 Feb 07:06pm

    So we get an email that says it is implemented, but then it's not? This is a must have!

  • Ken Mills commented
    25 Feb 09:00pm

    I just opened a case and was told that this feature is not implemented yet:

    Case Number: 14697515

    Case Subject: SMS: Ability to receive verification code (short code) via text messages not working Case Created Date: 2/25/2022 Account Name: The Strategic Alliance of Business Technology Disciplines Contact Name: Ken Mills


    Product Area:

    Description: Hi there,

    It is not working for me, I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max with the Ring Central app, latest version.

    My number is 778.600.1253

    I have tested with Google and with Amazon OTP verification texts. Neither has come through on ly phone app or the web.



    Hello Ken Mills,

    Your case #14697515 has been updated.

    Latest Comment:

    Hello, Ken.

    I hope this email finds you well. Thank you so much for sending us your feedback regarding your verification code (short code). I know how important this is for your business.

    Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in our current release, but we have asked our developers to add them in future releases. Should you wish to add more details, please submit them through our community ( Our Engineers are always looking for up-and-coming ideas to better our service.

    Currently, verification code text messages sent from websites like do not come through the RingCentral SMS service

    With this, we will now close this case as a Feature Request under good intent and knowledge that everything has been addressed so far.

    Should you have any issues, please do not hesitate to chat back with us through our portal (https:/ and we'd be more than happy to assist.

    Thank you for choosing RingCentral as your communications provider.

  • Jessica Hernandez commented
    25 Feb 07:49pm

    Hello everyone,

    The ability to receive inbound messaged from short codes should be working. I'm working with the product manager for SMS to raise your concerns that it stopped working suddenly. If you have a case you've created for this issues, please email me additional details at so I can forward this information to our PM.

    If you cannot receive short code texts and have not created a case with support about this, please create a case here: and email


  • Maryam Mohammadi commented
    23 Feb 02:05pm

    I believe this issue should be resolved sooner as it impacts companies decision to continue using RingCentral service as their communication plan.

    Currently, verification code text messages sent from websites like Microsoft 365 do not come through the RingCentral SMS service. Therefore we are not able to ask our staff to add their RingCentral numbers as the primary number for Microsoft 365 to use for notifications, which impacts our business negatively.

  • Gina Albers commented
    14 Feb 04:26pm

    Mine have also stopped coming in. This needs to be fixed immediately. I am unable to log into our Accounting software.

  • Massachusetts Mind Center commented
    12 Feb 12:28pm

    All of a sudden all my verification code stopped coming in. This is my business line and all verification are linked to this number so all staff can use it. We can use personal cell phones for verification code. This is a must feature for business line. Why all of a sudden the messages were blocked without any notice. I cant log into my credit card processing service

  • John Demar commented
    3 Feb 08:47pm

    I found a place to vote for the "sending to short code" feature. See Just found out today that I can't respond to shortcode messages. Frustrating.

  • Samuel Stair commented
    27 Jan 07:50pm

    I am able to receive from short codes but unable to respond back to prompts. The ability to respond would be great.

  • Bashir Nur commented
    27 Dec, 2021 06:48pm

    We are totally in the same situation. Please add this function.

  • Michael Hnatiw commented
    21 Dec, 2021 06:31pm

    So I've added my own RC number to 3 AppleIDs (I manager apple devices for a company) for 2 factor auth in Aug/Sept this year, and shortcodes were working for text/phone calls to authenticate up until 2021-10-22. All of a sudden when I tried yesterday to get into an AppleID I needed to get into the shortcodes no longer work and I wasent receiving text messages and calls were being flagged immediately as missed from the toll free number Apple uses for their authentication services (already disabled toll free number blocking, stil not working). Im now locked out of these accounts because shortcodes werent meant to be a feature previously, but at the time and for a good 2 or 3 months worked for this. Seems to me like RC has the capability but its either not been rolled out officially. I'd like an update on this like everyone else and need this feature implemented now given I'm locked out of some services because of it.

  • Tamarah Taylor commented
    6 Dec, 2021 09:19pm
    Please add this functionality
  • Guest commented
    27 Nov, 2021 05:43pm

    Please also add the functionality to recieve verification code (short code) via text messages from banks & other financial institutions.

  • Guest commented
    23 Nov, 2021 09:52pm

    I also support the ability to send to SMS short codes. There are multiple applications where it would be useful, including the ability to subscribe to certain emergency alerts that can only be done via a short code message.

  • Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2021 06:46am
    I vote to receive verification sms on RC. I use this exclusively at work and this feature would make my life much easier. It would consolidate everything I'm doing at work to 1 app as well as 1 phone.
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