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Call Queues: allow mixture of call handling (simultaneously and in fixed order)

In a particular extensions call forwarding section (home, mobile, office), you can set the phones to ring simultaneous or in a fixed order. You also have the ability to group certain numbers such that home + cell ring simultaneous for 4 rings, and failing that, it goes to office numbers.
Now let's talk about Call Queues. The options are simultaneous (to all members), round-robin (to all members), or fixed order (to all members).
What I want is to have a call queue ring our call center first for four rings. They should answer 95% of the time within a ring. But failing that, I don't want the call to go to voicemail. I want it to "escalate" to a level 2 engineer (there are 9 of them). So I created extensions for each of their cell phones. So the call queue has 10 members (the call center extension + 9 extensions for the nine engineer cells).
The trouble is that if I set the Call Queue to simultaneous, all extensions (call center + all engineers' cell) ring at the same time. If I set it to fixed-order, the call center rings first (good!) but then engineer #1 gets any calls after that. Engineer #2 wouldn't be attempted until 4 rings of engineer #1 cell first. This isn't good customer service at all.
What I would like is the "grouping" feature, such that I could set the queue to try the call center first, and then failing that, simultaneously call the 9 engineer cells.
I've tried to nest groups within groups, so that after trying the call center, the first call queue forwards to a second call queue that has all the engineer cells set to simultaneous. But that isn't allowed.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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  • Guest commented
    5 Oct 06:18pm


  • Guest commented
    21 Sep 11:20pm

    Definitely need this!!!

  • Eddie Stevens commented
    22 Apr 09:06am

    I need this too. Our previous system had this and it was so helpful.

  • Brett Mcvay commented
    15 Jan 02:15pm

    I agree. We are in need of the same functionality as well. This feature already exists with user accounts and virtual extensions so I feel it should also be available in call queue settings as well.

    Example scenario:

    Call Queue (sequential)

    Ring group 1 -

    • "John Doe" (30 seconds ring)

    > No answer from ring group 1, follows sequence to ring group 2.

    Ring group 2 -

    • "Grogu" (30 seconds ring)

    • "Darth Vader" (30 seconds ring)

    • "Luke Skywalker" (30 seconds ring)


    Currently we are unable to do this. The only option when using a sequential call queue is to forward to individual accounts.

    NOTE: I will not entertain the idea of having a virtual extension that forwards to multiple users simultaneously as a user in the call queue sequence as that defeats the purpose of the analytics gained from using a call queue.

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