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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 29, 2020

RingCentral Meeting Invite Template Customization or Improvement (Outlook Meeting Plug-in)

Problem Statements

The default RingCentral meeting invite template for schedule a RingCentral Meeting from outlook is not usable at all.

  1. It overwrites the meeting subject line -- annoying to say the least;

  2. It provides a very long list of iPhone specific access numbers; irrelevant in most of our meetings;

  3. It provides a very long list of local access numbers -- I have to delete most of them to make my own local number standout;

  4. The overall look of the template is not professional enough for our use.

Now for every RingCentral Meeting invite, I have to make sure I remember to correct subject line and edit the body of the message. Waste of time.


Best option: let user customize his own template;

Good enough option: divide the current template into three sections:

  • Subject line

  • URL link

  • iPhone access info (can't see a reason any one need it; but that might be just me)

  • Local access numbers;

  • Let user select which sections of template will be included.

Product Line RingCentral Video & Meetings
  • Nayan Ajbani
    Apr 11, 2022

    Also, how can i remove these items from e-mail notification? They don't reflect the changes.

    Topic: [Meeting Topic] & Time: [Meeting Time]

  • Edwin Nichols
    Mar 17, 2021

    The admin can limit the numbers in the local numbers list, though that applies to all users so may not work in your case. In the admin console, under Meetings-->Meeting Settings-->Telephone, the list of countries and phone numbers available can be edited to eliminate any that don't make sense for your company.

  • Ian Clark
    Dec 21, 2020

    Is this functionality not available yet?

  • Guest
    Dec 7, 2020

    Seems like a basic thing to allow a company to customize its own invitation. I would also suggest that the admin have the option of allowing each user to customize their own invitation if they want to allow that.

  • John Nickell
    Oct 6, 2020

    Generalizing the "one touch" information to be not just iPhone would help too, since I believe it will work on an Android as well.

  • Edward Huels
    Oct 6, 2020

    Adding to suggestion....

    Allow administrators to set the default message body in order to support company branding and standards.

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Modify Format of Default Meeting Invite

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Please take a look on the screenshot that I provided.
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