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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Jul 29, 2020

RingCentral Meetings - global setting to allow guests to join before host

We would like to request a feature to have the option to enable and set globally via RingCentral Service User portal for Ring Central Meetings for "Allow guest to join before host".

This would make it simpler to control and would not require to set this on individual meetings, it could be set for each user if needed.

1. Account type - US
2. Description of business - Healthcare related business
3. Description of request - Enabling "allow guests to join before host" to be set globally in RC User Service portal.
4. Use case - The users would have this option set as default for the RingCentral Meetings and can disable it for meetings they need to control guest access.
5. Benefit - simplify use of RingCentral Meetings
6. Number of users - 30

Product Line RingCentral Meetings
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