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Speed Dial: Company wide directory for Speed Dial

Our company has several dozen contacts that everyone in the office uses.
We don't want to have to WASTE TIME programing each phone with the names and numbers.
We want to create a Single, Company Wide, Shared, Directory of Speed Dial numbers and names.
if a number needs editing, or we want to add a number, or delete a number, we only have to do it once !!!

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
  • Under Consideration
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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  • Mark Moes commented
    11 Feb 04:45am

    This is a critical function. I agree with other commenters....this is very basic function that exists on Legacy Norstar Phones from the 90's. Surely it should be available on a modern phones system like Ring Central. Like others I never asked the question before signing up with Ring Central and then discovered this deficiency.

  • Joe Cache commented
    13 Jan 06:16pm

    Along with this would be the ability to 'check' off the contacts visibility - to hide a contact. This would be quite useful for groups, users, and other bits that normal users really don't need to see.

  • RC User commented
    13 Jan 10:19am

    Agree very surprised this isnt available as seems a very fundamental or basic feature. Ability to upload global contacts from one place rather than get 20 or 200 people to all update individfually.

  • Jeff Zinkerman commented
    21 Dec, 2020 11:35am

    I am a new customer and was literally SHOCKED that I could not program a speed dial from the admin console. I almost dumped the entire system. I mean this is such an obvious thing that I never bothered to ask for it.

  • Guest commented
    11 Nov, 2020 01:08am

    Also, how about adding more contacts? I would like to get 100K instead of limiting to 10K

  • Hidden Name commented
    9 Nov, 2020 08:35pm

    Our 25 year old Norstar Meridian phones had this and they still work!

  • Ashley Michael commented
    4 Nov, 2020 08:09pm

    To add: Would also like to be able to dial by voice for internal numbers from a shared directory. Other VOIP systems allow you to do this, even from a physical desk phone. I would press a button on your phone and it asks "who would you like to call?" and you say "reception" or "John Smith" (however the names are recorded in the shared directory). Eliminates the need to do a manual lookup or remember the extension number.

  • Evan Allado commented
    19 Sep, 2020 11:33pm

    We are using Ringcentral via the downloaded app. It will be best if we can save/use speed dial access in calling our drivers.

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