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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 29, 2020

SMS: print option for text messaging

I am a U.S. business that works with real estate. I would like for you to consider adding a feature to text messaging (SMS) that would allow us to print out the conversation so that we can put it in our files if we need to. The only way I know to do it right now is a cut and paste into a word program and that is tedious and slow.

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  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Sep 19, 2022

    Hi all, this is planned for December 2022, I'll post here when I have more information. Thank you!

    This has been moved to Q1 2023 for now-- it will be solved via the export SMS feature coming in Q1 2023.

  • Timna Sites
    Aug 2, 2022

    Downloading and printing text messages should be a BASIC feature. If not, you should not advertise to anyone who needs to keep records for legal purposes.

  • Jeffrey Harrris
    Jun 16, 2022

    I simply assumed printing text message threads was possible. I agree with everyone that it's important to be able to document (easily) what the communication has been. When I tried to do so, I used the online support and searched for printing text messages. I found an article that claimed to explain how to do it. It stated, "If you have the corresponding permission, you can print or save a copy of the entire message thread. You will usually do this only when an authorized person who does not have access to the platform requests a copy of the thread. To access this feature, hover over the top bar of the thread window then click on the printer icon." I couldn't get that to work. I hovered over the text thread in the online app but never got a printer icon. I then submitted a support ticket for additional help. When I didn't get a response, I spent 30 minutes trying to get through to talk to someone. Eventually I got through and was told the feature isn't available yet!! I can't believe it's not a feature. I had to cut and paste which took some time. I can't imagine if I had to do that with a long thread. I have seen an app called "Time miner" It's probably useful for billing. But I'm also thinking if it can keep track of text threads, it can probably print out the entire thread. I'm going to check it out. Good luck everyone.

  • Cheryl Love
    Jun 2, 2022

    Because having a record of communications is mandatory for many occupations, especially for law offices that use RingCentral, it is imperative we have the ability to print (or print to pdf) logs of text messages. This is ESSENTIAL and RingCentral is far behind the times in not having a print function on the app that will allow this. Please get with the times and offer the full service you purport to provide.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Feb 9, 2022

    Hi everyone,

    We understand your want for a native SMS log/ print option. In the mean time, we want to encourage you to check out this integration app:
    RingClone includes support for:

    1. Voice data (recorded calls and voicemails)

    2. Voice logs

    3. Multiple call legs

    4. Complex recording and voicemail results

    5. Fax activity and images (including all attachments)

    6. Fax logs

    7. SMS/Texting activity

    8. Text conversations

    9. SMS/Texting logs

    10. Team messaging conversations

  • Fran Chamberlain
    Feb 8, 2022

    It's 2022. We need to be able to download these messages for documentation purposes. Even the ability to email the entire thread instead of just the incoming message would work.

  • Jeanette Durham
    Jan 25, 2022

    This is an urgent issue at my company - seriously - why can't we just download a log of text messages exchanged in each chat?

  • Justin Capizzi
    Jan 20, 2022

    This is now MANDATORY for Real Estate agents to send all text communication logs to the Department of Real Estate. So far i have to screenshot several hundreds of pages and send to my broker (for DRE) to be compliant. This needs to be implemented son or RC will loose tens of thousand clients, including me

  • Athar Khan
    Jan 17, 2022

    How is this not an option already? Please work on this.

    Jan 8, 2022

    This feature ABSOLUTELY needs to be added. Documenting written conversations is imperative for many reasons. To ignore this requested feature is a great disservice to all of your subscribers.

  • Kyle Herrod
    Dec 30, 2021

    I would love this feature to be implemented.

    I work in a team that shares client information during pass-off / transitions between departments. Some clients prefer texts over emails, so this would be extremely helpful.

  • Guest
    Nov 17, 2021

    Please provide printable optione for the archived text messages.

  • Gina Niemer
    Nov 5, 2021

    This is essential for businesses that must keep paper files for their customers/tenants.

  • John Martin
    Nov 2, 2021

    I would really like to see this feature added too!

  • James Wright
    Oct 29, 2021

    I don't think anyone should have to vote on this issue. It is a mater of compliance and the feature should be immediately added. As a software developer, this is not a difficult feature to add. The text message is already available in the app so outputting it to a text file should be quick. I know I can copy and paste was is visible in the screen, but with a long thread, I the selection will not capture what is not visible.

  • sarah williams
    Sep 20, 2021

    yes I agree this would be extremely helpful, I am an insurance agency and its very helpful to have documented proof of changes etc.

  • Brad Klyn
    Jul 5, 2021

    It's a common request for SMS through mobile phones to be able to export or print SMS conversations. I would have thought such a robust solution like RC would have that built in - hands down.

  • Guest
    Jun 24, 2021

    I agree! Sending entire text conversations to a printable document is a much needed feature.

  • Dawn Hartwell
    Jun 16, 2021

    I just copy and paste to a work doc. Control A, then click on the eraser to clear all the formating and it's perfect.

  • LaVon Jones
    Jun 15, 2021

    I agree with being able to print the text messages. Sometimes you need to document things in Business. RingCentral is for Business Users.

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