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Call Handling: forward one extension to another

Right now, the only thing close is being able to forward an extension to an actual phone/device. It would be nice to be able to forward an extension to another extension without having to change any numbers or emails addresses.

  • Deleted user
  • Jul 29 2020
Product Line RingCentral Phone
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  • Steve Bove commented
    31 Aug 05:32pm

    agreed. extension to extension forwarding is vital.

  • Ryan Froning commented
    31 Aug 05:03pm

    With the RC mobile app (Softphone in programing) not avalible how are we going to forward to the RingCentral app??? With everyone working remotely it wont work... This needs to be done!!!!

  • Guest commented
    18 Aug 10:45pm

    Came here to say this. It's an essential feature that other VOIP providers have been doing for a long time. We work 80% from home with people using the RC mobile and desktop apps for all calls. The fact that we can only forward calls to a desk phone rather than the whole extension, wherever the user may be taking calls, is very frustrating.

    It's a simple request: Allow users to forward all calls to their extension to another extension from the Call Handling and Forwarding page.

    I've had Support walk me through creating custom rules to ring a Call Queue as a workaround, but it's so complicated that I've had to call in each time I need to create a new one.

  • Guest commented
    22 Jan 07:43pm

    Please add this feature yesterday! :)

  • Chris Redmond commented
    22 Jan 07:41pm

    The really does need to be something put into place. In a world where more people are using softphones, working remotely, etc, THIS must be addressed.

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