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Status Implemented
Created by Allentown Office
Created on Jul 25, 2022

feature for analytics - Download widget chart and table data to Excel file

Currently the Analytics LOB can only show the users the charts and some of the charts are not downloadable or users cannot subscribe to get email from them. It would be helpful for users to have periodically emails reporting the employees phone calls performance of amount of calls (inbound, outbound, internal) and the duration of phone calls.

  • Lindsey Phillips
    Dec 22, 2022

    They're asking for the ability to see the analytics in chart form instead of in an Excel spreadsheet where it's very difficult for the associate to read.

  • Allentown Office
    Sep 26, 2022

    Hi Tanvi Kopardekar,

    You can go into my account, look for the Test Dashboard. The schedule report of that Dashboard is a plain spreadsheet with very vague numbers. In general, all of the graph widgets in my account (particularly in that Dashboard) are not sent to the subscribed email.

  • Tanvi Kopardekar
    Sep 15, 2022


    Thank you for your feedback. Can you please tell us exact what type of charts are not getting downloaded? we would like to investigate that more. Currently we support all widget download & subscribing ability in LOB Analytics