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Created by Connie Skrivseth
Created on Apr 26, 2022

QoS Download file Data Dictionary

When I download a report, it has more fields but it's not clear what all the columns are for. Which columns are representing the caller and which are the called?

  • Sasha Berman
    Apr 27, 2022

    Hi Connie, when you download the Phone QoS data, each row represents a leg (participant) of a call. You will see a column called "Role". Each entry (row) will be marked as either "Caller" or "Callee". The first column in the downloaded file is called "DB Session ID". This is the unique identifier of an entire call. So, if there were two participants in a call, there would be two entries with the same DB Session ID, one marked as Caller, the other marked as Callee.

    If you'd like to give us a bit more details on your use case(s) and what you're trying to achieve with the downloaded data, we'd be happy to help you further.