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Status Under review
Created by Mallard Owen
Created on May 8, 2021

Better "Unread" Message Notifications for GLIP

We really like having GLIP so we can use this tool to replace two other solutions we've been using for real-time internal text messaging between office and field staff. The issue is that, even with all the notification settings in GLIP, it's still easy to miss that a message is unread and how to quickly get to it. Since many times these messages are very time sensitive, it can be easy to miss a new number count on an icon, or scroll to see a bolded Team name, or the highlighted icon at the bottom of a Windows desktop. As a comparison, Google Hangouts pops up a window if someone messages you, and it STAYS up until you respond. Seems like GLIP could have some kind of persistent banner that could be displayed that would not only notify you of a message that just came in, but you could also click on it to get immediately back to that team or person.