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Created on Jun 15, 2021

Report to show busiest times of month

A report that shows days of the week and hours of the day so you can plan for staff during the busiest times of the week/month/year.

  • Admin
    George Lu
    Mar 1, 2022

    Dear Customers,

    Thank you for your feedback. Your need has been addressed. We are happy to inform you that with our new product, LOB Analytics. In LOB Analytics users will be able to create a trend graph denoting the hour by hour breakdown of their metrics to locate areas with the highest density of call volume.

    LOB Analytics is a fully customizable dash-boarding and reporting solution that will give you access to very granular historical call activities data and analysis flexibility. in LOB Analytics, you can download the graphs and the data behind it as well.

    Learn more about LOB Analytics here:

    Refer User Guide

    Watch Video Tutorials

    -RingCentral Analytics Team

  • Admin
    Pratibha Pandit
    Nov 4, 2021

    Thanks for the feedback. We have a trend chart on Performance Reports that will allow you to see bussiest times.

    We also have a new product that is currently in beta, that allows you to look at data by business hours and after hours. We will be releasing it soon to all customers. Stay tuned.

  • Sean McKenna
    Jun 16, 2021

    I really need this. Would be hugely helpful for knowing our staffing needs and how effective our business hours are. Do we get a ton of inbound calls between 5-7pm on Mondays and Tuesdays but none the rest of the week? If that was the case then I would know when I need staff to work.