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Status Implemented
Created by Guest
Created on Sep 1, 2021

Reporting where you can select/unselect the Dates/Days like Saturday and Sunday

Because if you now want to do a monthly reporting, you will get a wrong result. Saturdays, Sundays and days on which no Call was done are calculated into the average.
we need a function to select the days that have been worked. Or the reporting should not include the days when the employee has 0 calls in the reporting because this falsifies the weekly/monthly average.

  • Admin
    George Lu
    Mar 1, 2022

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your feedback. Your need has been addressed. We are happy to inform you that with our new product LOB Analytics you can now specify the days of the week and the business hours for your report.

    LOB Analytics is a fully customizable dash-boarding and reporting solution that will give you access to very granular historical call activities data and analysis flexibility. LOB Analytics features an advanced calendar with an ability to set your work days, as well as filter data by business and after hours.

    Learn more about LOB Analytics here:

    Refer User Guide

    Watch Video Tutorials

    -RingCentral Analytics Team

  • Admin
    Pratibha Pandit
    Nov 4, 2021

    Happy to inform you we have a new product that is currently in beta that allows this functionality. We will be releasing this as open beta to all customers end of the year, please stay tuned.