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Be able to automatically record meetings using templates and roles.

We want to have all meeting automatically recorded.
Benjamin Strauss 2 days ago in RingCentral Video 0 New

Bulk Delete of Unassigned Extensions

After bulk delete of user accounts, a pool of unassigned extensions are created. The numbers and licenses are not available for any subsequent bulk user creation because administrators are required to manually click though the delete of each unass...
Jody Ecklund 3 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Rate Center Changes

It is confusing to get a number from a different area that reflects that it is local when it is not close the impacted area. For example, the area codes 608 and 715 will reflect that they belong to Green Bay even though they are not, they just hap...
Brian Miller 1 day ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Notification for threshold on data retention.

We'd like to receive a notification once you are nearing/reached your limit for data retention for better management of data. Possible scenarios: Keeping track of auto recorded calls that are about to be deleted. Managing cloud/computer storage.
Jairus Candelaria 4 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Increase size limit of email attachments from NICE/Contact Center

Current size limit is a 30 MB attachment but I have been told it is a 10 MB limit. Increase attachment size to 150 MB to allow for longer recordings to be emailed.
Nathan LaRose 10 days ago in RingCentral Contact Center 0 New

Add Titles to Recorded Meetings

Currently when looking at your recorded meetings it titles then "Scheduled Meeting" instead of the Meeting name, or a custom name we can title the recording. Having the recording titled with either the meeting name or allowing a custom name will g...
Stephen Powell Ext. 1170 1 day ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Main Admin Dashboard should be able to see extensions that are in DND or forward mode

as the title says. admin should be able to easily see when an ext is in DND or forwarding mode from the Users page.
Artie Shahho 11 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Add a date/time delay to RingCentral account activation email

The account activation emails expire in 48 hours, so if we create a user account on Friday and send the activation email it will usually expire before the user has a chance to read it, which generates a supoort ticket. If we select send later we n...
Stuart Gormley 3 days ago in RingCentral Engage Voice 0 New

Park/Assigned Lines on Cordless Phones

We would like to have the ability to access private park lines from a cordless phone (eg, Yealkink W360). The phone iself has a "park" feature built in and also has ability to assign multiple lines, but I'm not able to make these work with our ass...
Elyse Watts 3 days ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Share Business Contact Profile with a One Contact

Share Business Contact Profile with a One Contact
Steve Routszong 3 days ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New