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Make an option in the admin portal to force RC mobile app logout only

Right now the only way to force a user to log out of the mobile app is to disable the extension which causes immediate logout on both the desktop and the mobile app. To avoid disruption we'd like an option to force log out only one one app or the ...
Jake Fletcher IT about 1 month ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review

Ability to **respond** to short code SMS messages.

I use RC as my primary phone service. In many cases organizations send SMS messages from "short code" numbers. I can receive them on RC. But I can not respond. This is an important feature!
Eugene's Phone almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Mobile App 18 Under review

Save Custom Status for Quick Access

Every day I switch between the same custom statuses. Rather than using generic 6 that are shown, I would rather it saved my last 6 that I used or accesses after initial use. This is a convenience thing with not having to type the same thing each t...
Charlotte Johnson 5 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 4 Under review

Idle behavior shows users offline even though they are available and logged into RC.

I've noticed that when not using RC but logged in (running in the background idle) it will change the status for users from a green dot to a gray dot (offline). Even though users are available for a call. Fellow coworkers think the user is offline...
Kevin Backhus about 1 year ago in RingCentral Mobile App 5 Under review

Team Profile Pictures (Upload/Add)

Having the feature to add/upload PNG/JPEG pictures for teams/groups (just like individual profiles) this would make it easier to view what team has updates and create an easier to use flow. For both the Mobile App and Desktop App.
James Pilgrim about 1 year ago in RingCentral Mobile App 2 Under review

Multi user capability within the mobile app

With our current franchise setup, we have some managers & owners that operate multiple locations. If they were able to swap between accounts within the app without having to log in/out every time, that would be great. Combining them into one u...
John McGill 2 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review

Increasing Paging Only group to more than 25 devices

I have a client that needs to use this feature for tornado warnings, tornado drills, fire drills, mass alerts to the company. They have 75 devices on hand in various rooms throughout the facility and need to be able to page all of them to alert in...
Alex Cooley about 2 years ago in RingCentral Mobile App / RingCentral Web/Desktop App 9 Under review

Please Add this feature. Caller ID for SMS Inbound Texts to include Caller ID even when not in Contact List

I receive texts from outside my contact list frequently, and cannot determine who is textig me without asking them.
Front Office . 4 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review

Please add HUD feature on the iPhone ASAP

add HUD feature on iphone
Joseph Kim 9 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 1 Under review

Increasing number of logins on one extension

Our organization has multiple employees (about 9 employees) using the main line (extension 101) at different times of the day. We were told that there is a limit of only 3 devices logged in at one time... There are usually 3 or less people logged ...
Angel Frutos 9 months ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review