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Presence & Pickup for Parked Calls for Yealink W Series

Due to having no presence feature, Yealink cordless handsets can park calls and retrieve the call parked but cannot pickup initially parked calls. This should be an option for cordless handsets as it is covered on the subscription.
Jorge Mico 2 days ago in Hardware 1 New

Highlevel CRM is one most used CRM by marketing agencies.

Most small businesses, marketing agencies are using highlevel crm platform
Michael Harvey 1 day ago in Hardware 0 New

Full Support of Paging Devices instead of manual configuration

Full support of paging devices instead of manual configuration, currently we are getting the sip to the admin. It would be effective if the paging devices could also be provisioning normally like the other phones.
Timothy Snyder 2 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Call queue button on phone set.

Need a call queue log in/log out button on physical phone.
Remote Access RMATS 6 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Retain Caller ID information regardless of blind/warm transfer type

When transferring calls, Caller ID information is only passed on blind transfers. It would be helpful if the caller ID information was passed to the new recipient regardless of transfer type.
Rob Fox 11 months ago in Hardware 24 Needs more information

Mitel Do Not Disturb presence

Please add the ability for users to see when a phone has been placed on Do Not Disturb. Currently, if a Mitel phone is placed on Do Not Disturb their presence still shows green/available. If a phone is o Do Not Disturb the phone should show a red ...
Kena Mann 7 months ago in Hardware 1 New

Cisco ATA192 Ethernet Port Fully Functional

Please allow the Ethernet port on the Cisco ATA192 to be fully functional and allow devices connected to it to connect to the "uplinked" LAN.
Medicus IT 15 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Yealink Key Templates

If you are selling Yealink phone you should already have the templates available in the system.
Tom Trauscht 11 months ago in Hardware 6 Under review

Add Soft Key for Paging Devices and Overhead paging

It is very helpful to have a soft key for supported desk phones intended for paging devices and overhead paging for convenience.
Sharpay Evans 4 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Feature Request - Grandstream Deskphones Support via Assisted Provisioning

Dear RingCentral Support Team, I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to bring to your attention a feature request that I believe would greatly benefit our organization and potentially many other RingCentral users. Currently, we are usin...
Homert Tabuyan 3 months ago in Hardware 0 New