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Add a comments field to the Device Order process

It would be helpful to add a comments/notes field to the device order process to enter any information related to the order. IE: if for a specific project, group of new users or conference room/s that you do not have detail for yet or internal PO ...
Wayne Marcinczyk 3 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Edit and Change dialing timeout on polycom phones.

Prior to a firmware update, our Polycom phones had a dialing delay of 5 second prior to dialing the number. After the firmware upgrade this was broken and set to 1 second. This is annoying as it doesn't allow enough time for end users to punch in ...
David Smucker 9 days ago in Hardware 1 New

Restart phones online through the RingCentral portal

Restart the phone without having to go the site location each time it needs to be rebooted.
Alfred Lamsen 12 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Dial code/button to toggle Call Queues

We don't use an attendant during business hours. Calls ring through live. But we use an attendant at night. On our old on-prem system, we had an easy button on everyone phone to toggle "Night Mode" between our standard call queue setup and the att...
David Marden 15 days ago in Hardware 0 New

add multiple pages of presence to our Yealink phones

We are trying to add multiple pages of presence to our Yealink phones. The only way to do this is for RingCentral to add that line of code to the phone’s firmware and then it’ll work. Yealink did not provide a firmware version, they said that Ring...
Glady Lyn Ubaldo 18 days ago in Hardware 0 New

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Roman Kutikov 19 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Put name changes say some type name wrong why can host change there name

if person on phone so know who is that person change name and raiser hand *#9

CISCO CP Series - Firmware Update 12.0 Above

There are integration systems like Multicast Streams that require software version/MPP version to be updated to 12.0 or above. However, the phone reverts back to the default firmware and does not accept the manual firmware update. Allow phones to ...
Jorge Mico about 1 month ago in Hardware 0 New

Enable non sip compatible phones

We have Mitel 5330 phones that we wanna use with Ring Central phone system. Apparently its not compatible since this is not a SIP enabled device. It would be beneficial to most of ring central customers to have the non sip compatible phones work w...
Iam Kristoff Coloma about 1 month ago in Hardware 0 New

Call Queue Log In/Out programmable key on phones

Key Programming: Allow a user to have a log in/out key assigned onto phones for Call Queues. This could be log in/out "all" queues but would be beneficial if you could assign All, or specific queue per key. Many clients (medical office, schools) d...
Brett Spring about 1 month ago in Hardware 0 New